Which is the last attempt for IPCC old syllabus?

Which is the last attempt for IPCC old syllabus?

November 2021
ICAI extends the last attempt to appear in the CA final to help the old syllabus students with the lapse of time. The students with old syllabus registration take November 2021 examination as the final attempt to try. The students with enrolment under the new syllabus take up the examination in December 2021.

What are the subjects in IPCC Group 2?

IPCC Group 2

Subjects Dates
Advanced Accounting TBA
Auditing and Assurance TBA
Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management TBA
Financial Management and Economics for Finance TBA

Is IPCC Group 2 tough?

Hello, Yeah,, this is the general students opinion that group 2 seems to be a little bit tough compared to group 1.. These are the reasons why group 2 would be tough for few. It has two theory subjects & one problematic paper,, so you should have a good grip over icai terminology in order to score aggregate..

Can I pass IPCC in 2 months?

Some CA IPCC students asked me “How to prepare CA IPCC exams in just one month or 20 days”. It is not possible to complete CA IPCC exam in just one month or 20 days. you can pass CA IPCC exam if you have conceptual knowledge with effective preparation only.

Is IPCC old syllabus extended to Nov 2021?

As per the notification, the November 2021 examinations will be the last attempt for the students writing their examinations under old syllabus and no such extension be given further, under any circumstances as the old course scheme will be closed forever.

Which group is easy in CA Intermediate?

It is easy to clear Group 2 as more practical subjects in Group-1 will help you fetch your aggregate of Group 2. As you want 350 for clearing both groups. Scoring 120 in Group 2 will be enough if you can score 230 in Group 1 which is easier to achieve than 150 in Group 2 as individual subject.

What is the new syllabus of IPCC?

Group – 1

Paper and subjects Marks distribution
Paper 1 Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Laws, Ethics and Communication Business Laws (30 marks) Company Law (30 Marks)Ethics (20 Marks)Communication (20 Marks)
Paper 3 Cost Accounting and Financial Management Cost Accounting (50 Marks)Financial Management (50 Marks)

Does CA Inter syllabus change every year?

CA Intermediate syllabus 2022: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has changed and revised the entire syllabus of CA Intermediate course applicable for May 2022 and Nov 2022 examinations.

Is May 2021 is the last attempt for IPCC old syllabus?

An ICAI statement issued in this regard said: “The last attempt to appear in Final and Intermediate (IPC) old courses examination has been extended to November 2021 for all the students of these courses (irrespective of their opting out of May 2021 examination cycle of not).”

Will old syllabus be extended?

Is CA IPCC tough?

Hi, Yes it is considered to be tough exam. Reason being the syllabus is huge and if preparation not started on time can create hassle to you, the other reason is only 5% of students out of all appearing for the exam clear the exam so competition is really high.

Is PM enough for audit IPCC?

In Special Audit only PM is enough and Sufficient.