Which JOLYN bottoms cover the most?

Which JOLYN bottoms cover the most?

If you are looking for a fixed-back onesie, the most bum coverage styles would be Devon, Drew, Julian, Chevy, Brandon, and Darren. For tie-back onesies, the styles with the most bum coverage would be Belle, Gavin, and Jackson.

What is a JOLYN for swimmers?

JOLYN is a small but wildly popular clothing company based out of California that designs and manufactures swimsuits and dryland clothes for female athletes. Walk into a swim meet or on deck during a practice and the vast majority of girls that you see will be dressed in these revolutionary suits.

Are JOLYN swimsuits see through?

The suit didn’t ride up my bum, as Jolyn advertises, or at least no more than my other practice swimsuits. (It required occasional adjusting, but I’ve never worn a swimsuit that didn’t.) The swimsuit is fully lined, so I didn’t have to worry about it being see-through when wet.

Do JOLYN swimsuits run small?

Our suits tend to run smaller than most other swimwear brands. If you are unsure of your size we usually recommend going one size up from what you normally wear.

How long do Jolyn swimsuits last?

Jolyn suits, two or one-piece, are amazing quality and last forever! They’re great for practice, as they have low-drag design and are comfortable wearing for long periods of time. The bottoms of the two pieces have drawstrings to keep them in place for practice.

Do any Jolyn tops have padding?

Some of our customers have put their own padding into swim tops, by making a tiny incision between the lining (we don’t recommend this 🙈 but it is doable). Others find wearing another swim top under their onesie provides that extra support they need.

How long do JOLYN swimsuits last?

Is JOLYN a good brand?

JOLYN is a great company making great swimsuits of super quality. The only problem is the store that sells it on Amazon.

Is JOLYN swim legit?

Is JOLYN sizing accurate?

In my experience, Jolyn’s training separates fit about one size smaller than casual swimwear, with a few exceptions. Jolyn one-pieces run short and small, and I’ve never successfully found one that fits my body well.

Should I size up in JOLYN?

Jolyn suits are designed to be “small”, the coverage is minimal, especially in the bottom. Jolyn suits are “skimpy”. Order the size you usually order.

What’s the point of a JOLYN?