Which name is best for Girl Muslim?

Which name is best for Girl Muslim?

Modern Muslim Girl Names with Meanings

Muslim Baby Girl Names Meaning
Aalia Refers to one who is beautiful and attractive
Aalina Denotes bright; one who is beautiful and gentle
Aamira Denotes being prosperous; one who commands, a princess
Amyra Denotes a princess; commander; highborn girl

What are the top 5 Muslim girl names?

Popular Muslim Girl Names

  • Yasmin: Jasmine flower.
  • Yusra: Ease, comfort, blessedness, prosperous.
  • Zainab: Generous. Fragrant flower.
  • Zara: High status, exalted, eastern splendor, princess.
  • Zarah: Coming of dawn, form of Sarah, princess.
  • Zeenat: Decoration, beauty.
  • Ziya: Source of light or radiance.
  • Zoya: Love, life, and desire.

What are some female Pakistani names?

Pakistan Baby Names for Girl List

Name Meaning Gender
Aroofa Knowledgeable, patient and wise woman. Girl
Aroos One who is extraordinarily beautiful Girl
Arubiyyah One who is fluent, eloquent. Girl
Ashofta One who is excited, anxious and confused in love. Girl

What is the best girl name Urdu?

Urdu Baby Girl Names

  • Aiza. Noble, Respected, Having high place in the society.
  • Liba. Most beautiful (Hoor in Jannah), The one who is the most beautiful of them all.
  • Shiza. A gift, A present, She is a preset, a gift.
  • Afsa. Prophet mohammeds (Pbuh) wife, Pretty, The name of Prophet Mohammed’s wife.
  • Maham.
  • Naaz.
  • Gul.
  • Jahanara.

What is the best Pakistani girl name?

Muslim baby girl names: Here are 60 unique traditional Muslim baby girl names you can choose from for your precious little one.

  • Taghrid (chirping)
  • Thara (wealth)
  • Tisha (lively)
  • Umaiza (beautiful)
  • Varisha (lightning)
  • Warda (rose)
  • Yusra (prosperous)
  • Zaara (beautiful flower)

What is the Arabic name for gift of Allah?

Ilahi Bakhsh name meaning is Gift of Allah. The meaning of the name “Hibatullah” is: “Allah’s gift”. Categories: Arabic Names. Inaaya is a name of Arabic origin, believed to mean ‘gift from God’ or ‘one to behold’.

What is the name of girl in Arabic?

Unique Arabic Name Ideas for a Baby Girl

Name Meaning
Amal Hope
Amani Aspirations
Amina Honest
Amira Princess

Which girl name meaning is gift of God?

Hence, they often go for a name that means ‘gift from God’….Names for Girls.

Name Meaning
Yashvee God-gifted
Yoana God’s gift
Zobia Someone who is blessed by God

What is a holy name for a girl?

134 Baby Girl Names That Mean Holy

Agnesia Estonian form of Agnes. It means holy. Christianity,Greek
Agnete Old Greek – Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of Agnes Greek
Agnetha Old Greek – Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of Agnes Greek
Agnetta Chaste or holy Christianity

What are some common Pakistani names?

What are some common punjabi and Sindhi names that people use? Ask Pakistan Like Pashtuns besides using Arabic and Turkic names , we also use a lot of Pashtun names, such as : Palwasha, Guljana, Zarak, Sangeen, Malala, Karlan, Kushan, Roshan, Kashmala, Naghma, Nazo and so on.

Can an Indian marry a Pakistani girl?

there is no clause in Indian law that forbids an Indian man (or woman) from marrying a Pakistani national. It is not illegal for Indian to Marry Pakistani according to Indian Law. What is wrong with Indian marriages? D omestic violence, abuse and infidelity are not the only reasons why marriages break. Not every fight leaves a visible scar.

What do Pakistani girls like?

– Devoted. Divorces are not appreciated by their culture. – Worshiping. These ladies respect all family members. – Responsible. They take all the errands seriously. – Welcoming. Pakistani women like to invite guests to their place. – Perfect mothers. They do everything that is possible to make their children happy.

What type of boy Pakistani girls like?

– Fair skin. In general, the lighter the skin color, the prettier, she is considered to be. – Bride should be shorter than groom, but as tall as possible, with that limit. – Bride should be a virgin and chaste before marriage. – Bride should be well educated, though some people prefer that her edu