Which railway station is near to Thirukadaiyur?

Which railway station is near to Thirukadaiyur?

Nearest Railway Stations to Thirukadaiyur Tamil Nadu India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(KIK)KARAIKAL 0 17.79 Kms
(SY)SIRKAZHI 86 20.65 Kms
(PEM)PERALAM JN 20 20.8 Kms

How to reach Thirukadaiyur by train?

There are quite a few trains from Chennai to Mayiladuthurai, which is about 15 Kms from Thirukadaiyur. Trichy Express, Nagore Express, Maduai Express, BSB etc are some of them. You can take a cab from Mayiladuthurai to tirukadaiyur. There are a few stay options at Thirukadaiyur which are just basic.

How can I go to Thirukadaiyur from Chennai by bus?

Bus timings from Thirukovilur to Chennai is around 2.86 hours when your bus maintains an average speed of sixty kilometer per hour over the course of your journey.

How can I go to Thirukadaiyur from Bangalore by train?

You can take a bus from Bengaluru to Thirukadaiyur (Station) via Pondicherry in around 10h 58m. Alternatively, Indian Railways operates a train from Bangalore Cant to Mayiladuturai J once daily. Tickets cost ₹280 – ₹1,400 and the journey takes 11h 48m.

How can I go to Tiruvannamalai from Chennai by bus?

There is/are 1 direct bus(es) from Chennai to Thiruvannamalai. This/These bus(es) is/are Universal Travels, etc. The minimum time taken by a bus from Chennai is 4h 15m. The cheapest way to reach from Chennai to Thiruvannamalai is bus to Thiruvannamalai and takes 4h 15m.

Who built Thirukadaiyur Temple?

The presiding deity is revered in the 7th century Tamil Saiva canonical work, the Tevaram, written by Tamil saint poets known as the nayanars and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam….Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple, Thirukkadaiyur.

Amirthagateswarar Temple
Type Tamil architecture
Creator Cholas

How can I go to Arunachalam Temple?

  1. Sacred Pilgrimage Tour – Tiruvannamalai Temple & Sri Ramana Ashram from Chennai. Historical & Heritage Tours. From $162.16* More Info.
  2. Tiru Arunachala Tours – Tiruvannamalai Tour Guide. Day Trips. From $21.34* More Info.
  3. South India Temple Tour – 14n15d. Cultural Tours. From $876.52* More Info.

Which airport is near to Tiruvannamalai?

Chennai airport
How to reach Tiruvannamalai by Air. There is no domestic airport in Thiruvannamalai but the approachable airport is the Chennai airport which is placed at a distance of 165 km, followed by Bangalore. There are flights available to and from all major cities and countries.

What is Thirukadaiyur famous for?

Thirukadaiyur Sri Amritaghateswarar Abhirami Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Shiva in his manifestation as “Destroyer of Death” and his wife Parvati as Abhirami. It is located in Thirukkadaiyur (Thirukadavur), 21 km East of Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu in India.

Which temple is famous for 60th marriage?

Thirukkadaiyur Temple, near Mayiladuthurai/Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, India, is specialized and famous for conducting 60th & 81st Marriages.

What is Arunachalam famous for?

It is the largest Shiva temple, situated in the picturesque Annamalai hills. Believed to be the largest Shiva temple in the world, the history of Arunachaleswarar Temple dates back to thousands of years.

Is Tiruvannamalai and Arunachalam same?

The place is also known as Thiruvannamalai, also known as Arunachalam, the site of the fire. Located on the south-east slope of Arunachala, this was the cave that Sri Ramana Maharshi lived in from 1899 to 1916.

How can I contact Thirukadaiyur temple?

Also Thirukadaiyur Temple helps on Accommodations, Packages, Online Booking on Low cost with a great service. The Authorised chief Priest of the Thirukadaiyur Temple is Thiru TRV Ramalingam Gurukkal. Please Call him directly for any clarifications in +91 9489483214

How do I travel from Chennai to Thirukadaiyur?

A: Buses are the best modes of transportation for traveling from Chennai to Thirukadaiyur .

How many years can I do Shastiapthapoorthi in Thirukadaiyur temple?

Shastiapthapoorthi can be performed till 69 years. The main criteria of 60 years completion should be met. In Thirukadaiyur Temple, You can Do 60th Marriage, 70th Marriage , 80th Marriage. And the must do are 90th Marriage, 100th so on birthday of the Male which is rare too meet.

Why Thirukadaiyur is the best place to visit?

With a number of sites to visit and restaurants to raid, Thirukadaiyur has it all. There are a ton of buses that run through Thirukadaiyur and this ensures that Thirukadaiyur is well-connected to the rest of the country. Don’t think twice, book your bus ticket online today