Which season of Bigg Boss is the best?

Which season of Bigg Boss is the best?

New Delhi,December 5. ‘Bigg Boss’ is India’s most popular reality show hosted by superstar Salman Khan.

  • Rupali Ganguly.
  • Rakhi Vijan.
  • Bakhtiyaar Irani and Tannaz Irani.
  • Sakshi Pradhan.
  • Shakti Kapoor.
  • Do Bigg Boss contestants get paid per week?

    Yes. They do paid as per week. Bigg Boss fresh report reveals that season 12 contains some of the most expensive celebrity.

    Is Bigg Boss a reality show?

    Salman Khan is all set to return with new season of the reality show, Bigg Boss. BB 15 is going to be filled with twists and a lot of ‘sankat in jungle’ as the contestants will have to face many challenges before they enter the house, as per the promos unveiled by the makers.

    How to watch Bigg Boss?

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  • Who will win Bigg Boss Telugu why?

    There is good chance to Abhijeet to win Bigg Boss telugu 4 because he is gaining a lot of support from the audience as well . Almost every week he is into nominations (except 2 or 3) . And his behaviour, attitude, way of talking won the hearts of audience.

    Who will win Bigg Boss Tamil 4?

    In the latest promos of Tamil Bigg Boss 4, host Kamal Haasan announced Som as the winner of ticket to the finale tasks. With this, he will not be nominated hereafter and will stay in the house till the finale episode. The housemates were asked to present to him the title and a poster of him was also unveiled at the house.

    Who will win ‘Bigg Boss Ott’?

    Post eviction, in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Karan Nath spoke about who he thinks can win Bigg Boss OTT. Karan said, “Obiviously, the one who fights and is seen will win. And that is Pratik Sehajpal. He plays the game smartly and can win the show.