Which shipping company is CMA?

Which shipping company is CMA?

CMA CGM S.A., headquartered in France, is a leading worldwide shipping group, whose various subsidiaries operate on 200 shipping routes between 420 ports in 150 different countries, ranking it fourth behind Maersk Line, MSC and COSCO. Its North American headquarters are in Norfolk, Virginia, United States.

What are the 4 key values of CMA CGM?

In recent years, CMA CGM in India has grown to become an industry leader, consistently outgrowing the market using an approach centered on customer service, integrity, and innovation.

What is CMA in logistics?

CMA CGM S.A. is a French container transportation and shipping company. The name is an acronym of two predecessor companies, Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement (CMA) and Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM), which translate as “Maritime Freighting Company” and “General Maritime Company”.

What is the salary of CGM?

How much does CMA CGM pay per year? The average CMA CGM salary ranges from approximately ₹1.5 Lakhs per year for a Tracking Assistant to ₹ 30.8 Lakhs per year for a General Manager.

What does CMA CGM pay?

CMA CGM Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Training Specialist Range:$39k – $65k (Estimated *) Average:$50,277
Customer Service Manager Range:$44k – $87k (Estimated *) Average:$62,521
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$29k – $56k (Estimated *) Average:$39,870

Who owns CMA CGM shipping?

Merit CorporationCMA CGM / Parent organization

How much does a CMA make?

Salary of a CMA fresher: A newly qualified CMA with no experience in India can expect to earn between Rs. 3.5 lakh and Rs. 4 lakh per year.

Who is the CEO of CMA CGM?

Rodolphe Saadé (Feb 9, 2017–)CMA CGM / CEO

What is the work in CMA CGM?

Working at CMA CGM : join an international shipping group Present in over 160 countries through 755 offices, 750 warehouses, equipped with a young and diverse fleet of 511 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates on more then 200 shipping lines.