Which train goes to Jaipur to Agra?

Which train goes to Jaipur to Agra?

More about Jaipur to Agra route Some of the trains that run on this route are Hwh ADI AGC SF EXP (12548),UDZ KURJ EXP (19666),ADI GWL SF SPL (22548) etc. If you’re travelling, you can board the train from the following stations – GANDHINAGAR JPR (GADJ) ,GETOR JAGATPURA (GTJT) ,JAIPUR (JP) .

How can I go from Jaipur to Agra?

The cheapest way to reach from Jaipur to Agra is train to Agra Fort and takes 3h 50m. The fastest way to reach from Jaipur to Agra is train to Agra Fort and takes 3h 50m. The recommended way to reach from Jaipur to Agra is train to Agra Fort and takes 3h 50m. Train numbers 02308, 03112 etc.

How do I get from Jaipur to Taj Mahal?

The quickest way to get from Jaipur to Tāj Mahal is to taxi which costs ₹3,700 – ₹4,500 and takes 3h 32m. How far is it from Jaipur to Tāj Mahal? The distance between Jaipur and Tāj Mahal is 225 km. The road distance is 241.5 km.

Which trains are running from Jaipur?

Train Passing from Jaipur (JP)

  • AJMER SHTBDI-12015. NDLS – AII. Schedule & Route.
  • DAYODAI EXPRESS-12181. JBP – AII. Schedule & Route.
  • DAYODAYA EXP-12182. AII – JBP.
  • DEE BDTS G RATH-12215. DEE – BDTS.
  • HWH JU EXPRESS-12307. HWH – JU.

How much is the train from Agra to Jaipur?

Agra to Jaipur train Fare. Fare for trains from Agra to Jaipur is Rs 105 in Second Seater (2S), Rs 440 in Chair Car (CC), Rs 1175 in First AC (1A), Rs 710 in Second AC (2A), Rs 180 in Sleeper (SL) and Rs 505 in Third AC (3A) in general quota.

Which month is best for Agra?

October to March: The best time to visit Agra is between autumn and winter as by this time the heat has ebbed and the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. Spend an afternoon at the Taj complex ambling through the grounds and enjoying the beauty of this magnificent monument.

What is the best time to visit the Taj Mahal?

Avoid winters as the Taj will shadowed by fog, i.e., from the months of November to February. So early summers, i.e., from March to June is the best time to visit the monument. And the best days to plan a visit are between Monday and Thursday. Just in case you are planning a trip to Taj Mahal, take note of these tips.

How many days should I spend in Jaipur?

two full days are good enough for Jaipur but if you want to do near by village like sanganer or bagru or samode you will need more time. one day for each town or village.

Is platform ticket necessary?

A person having a railway ticket for a train on the same day is not required to have a platform ticket. The platform ticket can be bought on any ticket reservation booth in the railway station. If caught without a platform ticket if the person is not a traveller, he/she may be fined anywhere from ₹ 250 to 270.

How far is Kota from Jaipur?

Distance Between Kota to Jaipur

Distance between Kota to Jaipur by Road is 262 Kms
Distance between Kota to Jaipur by Flight is 189 Kms
Travel Time from Kota to Jaipur by Road is 4:45 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kota Jaipur International Airport (25.21, 75.86)
Nearest Airport in Jaipur Jaipur International Airport (26.91, 75.79)

Which is the first train to run from Jaipur to Agra?

03112 Bkn Hwh Spl is the first train to run between Jaipur and Agra. It takes 3hr 50min to reach Agra. The train 03112 leaves Jaipur JP at 02:05:00 and reaches Agra AGC at 05:55:00. Bkn Hwh Spl operates on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

How many railway stations are there in Jaipur?

The number of railway stations in Jaipur are 7. Click here to book now Q. How many trains run weekly between Agra to Jaipur? A. The number of trains that operate on Agra to Jaipur route weekly are 33. Book Now Q. If travelling by train what is the approximate time taken to reach Jaipur from Agra? A.

How to travel from Agra to Jaipur by Annanya Expres?

On Agra to Jaipur route 12315 Annanya Expres takes maximum time. It departs at 10:30:00 and covers a distance of approximately 238 kms. It reaches Jaipur at 17:30:00. Q. Where is my train? I am travelling from Agra to Jaipur. A.

What are the best hotels near the Jaipur railway station?

There are many good hotels of different star categories near Agra City. Some popular hotels near Jaipur Railway station are Hotel Love Kush, HOTEL MANI RAM PALACE, Siris 18 – A Boutique Hotel, Taj Hotel & Convention Centre Agra, Hotel Taj Galaxy.