Who are the actors in the anime Mekakucity?

Who are the actors in the anime Mekakucity?

Mekakucity Actors: With Kana Asumi, Takuma Terashima, Kana Hanazawa, Mamoru Miyano. Shintaro Kisaragi was a NEET who shut himself inside his room for 2 years with a cyber girl named Ene live inside his computer. One day, Ene messes Shintaro’s computer, which forces Shintaro to enter the outside world for the first time in 2 years. Menu Movies

What does Mekakucity Actors mean?

Mekakucity Actors (メカクシティアクターズ, Mekakushiti Akutāzu, lit. Blindfold City Actors) is a 2014 anime television series produced by Shaft, based on the Kagerou Project created by Jin.

How does Mekakucity Actors compare to Bakemonogatari?

While the animation in Mekakucity Actors does not go to the same lengths to exaggerate as the animation in Bakemonogatari, the wide shots and still scenes will force you to slow down and absorb how the currently framed character perceives the world around him.

Is Mekakucity’s director Akiyuki shinbou good?

Regardless of your opinion on the director, Akiyuki Shinbou’s, polarising style, he has stayed true to it and to the source material, inviting viewers into the faithfully recreated Kagerou daze world. Unlike a lot of anime, Mekakucity’s plot is not character-driven.

Is Mekakucity Actors (Mekakucity Actors) worth watching?

Open with a unique set-up, Mekakucity Actors catch my attention among the other anime of Spring 2014 Anime. Adapted from a relatively great manga (the manga I liked totally) and novel. At first, I have high hopes that it will be an excellent adaptation. But, that high hopes quickly turn to dust.

What does Mekakucity Days mean?

Mekakucity Days (メカクシティデイズ Mekakushiti Deizu, lit. “Blinfold City Days”) is the first Kagerou Project album by Jin. The album contains thirteen tracks on the CD and five music videos on the DVD.

What is the ending song of Mekakucity Actors?

In a world of loneliness. days (デイズ deizu) is the ending song of Mekakucity Actors, sung by Lia. The song was composed by Jin and an MV for the anime was illustrated by Sidu. The single for the song was released on June 18th, 2014 by ultraCeep, along with the opening song daze . —You’ve realized that, right?