Who are the gangs in Dublin?

Who are the gangs in Dublin?

The Hutch gang, led by Gerry Hutch, and the Kinahan Family, led by Daniel Kinahan, are the main participants. The feud has taken the form of a large number of attacks, mostly shootings, on people associated with the Hutch and Kinahan gangs (though some have been cases of mistaken identity).

How many gangs are there in Dublin?

The Border-based gangs also have links to a 10-man gang based in Dublin’s inner city. They move massive shipments of duty-free cigarettes into the State through Dublin port. The remaining 108 gangs are best described as “groupings”.

What are the rough areas of Dublin?

The most dangerous areas in Dublin (based on 2019/2020 statistics)

  • Dublin City. Where the most people congregate is always going to be a potential crime hotspot.
  • Pearse Street.
  • Tallaght.
  • Blanchardstown.

Are there gangs in Ireland?

The Irish Mob also has a strong presence in Ireland; however, unlike in the United States, the group has only been present in Ireland since the 1960s. Predominantly active in Dublin and Limerick, the group most often works under crime families focusing on the drug trade.

Who is Irelands biggest gangster?

Christy ‘the Dapper Don’ Kinahan (born 1958) is an Irish drug dealer with convictions for ecstasy and heroin smuggling.

What Dublin is Ballymun?

Ballymun is in the jurisdiction of Dublin City Council, and for local elections it is part of the Finglas-Ballymun local electoral area. It is in the council’s Dublin North West area, and hosts one of two area offices for that division of the city, the other being in Finglas.

Are Westies still active?

The group was never large, it was not particularly sophisticated and it was brought to heel by the larger Italian-American mafia and due to federal and state prosecutions. It’s surviving members are in prison, or have “retired” from the criminal life.

Who is Mr Big Dublin?

Finn was a suspected hitman as well as an associate and close pal of a leading criminal on Dublin’s northside known as Mr Big. He was the chief suspect in a number of gangland killings, including the gun murder of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan (32) in 2012, on behalf of the drugs mob led by ‘Mr Big’.

Who is the biggest drug dealer in Ireland?

How big is Finglas?

Finglas West has an area of: 434,269 m² / 43.43 hectares / 0.4343 km² 0.17 square miles. 107.31 acres / 107 acres, 1 rood, 9 perches.

What part of Dublin is D5?

Dublin 5 (D5) Dublin 5 includes most of Artane, central Coolock, Harmonstown, Kilbarrack, Killester, and Raheny.

Where are the Kinahan gang strongholds in Ireland?

Similar patrols have been deployed on a round-the-clock basis in areas seen as Kinahan gang strongholds, such as Crumlin and Ballyfermot, south of the river Liffey.

Is this the most violent gangland feud in Irish history?

In the most violent gangland feud in Irish criminal history they are Dublin’s dead men walking. As one international crime gang headed up by a Dublin drug smuggler seeks to annihilate its rival in the Irish capital, at least 29 men have been told they are on death lists.

Who was the latest victim in the north inner city gangland feud?

Last weekend, dad-of-two Byrne became the latest victim in a bloody gangland feud in the north-inner city that has claimed four lives. The feud erupted after crime boss and gang leader Griffin was charged with the rape of a young girl.

Are the US and UK Irish aware of the ongoing gang wars?

Many of the US and UK Irish may not be aware of the ongoing gang wars. I as recently as last summer, lost an old friend to one of these gangs/filth/scumbags or whatever you want to call them, and i feel its my duty to make more people aware of the scum that get away with murdering inocent fathers on our Dublin streets.