Who can attest as gazetted officer?

Who can attest as gazetted officer?

Character certificate can only be attested by Police record verification and Group A gazetted officer. For copies of original documents, both Group A and Group B officers can attest the documents. The name, designation, and contact number of the gazetted officer should be clearly mentioned.

Who comes under Group A gazetted officer?

Group A (Gazetted), formerly called Class I, officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government employees who are placed in Level 10 and above in Pay matrices, Previously in the pay band 3 with 5400 grade pay and above in 6th CPC and Level 10 and 9 above in Pay Matrix in 7th CPC pay structure.

Is notary officer a gazetted officer?

So, the simplest answer to the question ‘is notary a gazetted officer? ‘ is No. Notaries are not a gazetted officers. An officer is a person who occupies a definite status in the hierarchy of government service and is answerable to the government as its employee.

Is Doctor a Group A gazetted officer?

Doctors working in govt sector as medical officer or above designations are Class A gazetted officers.

Can a gazetted officer refuses to attest documents?

10. Whether any circular has been issued by Government while any person approaches him for attestation or witness/ attest his signature. Any other information so gazetted officer do not refuse to attest the document to any citizen.

Can retired gazetted officer attest documents?

A retired Gazetted Officer can not attest any certificate so can not issue character certificate. Only those are allowed who are still working as a Gazetted Officer. The reason being to attest any certificate it requires signature, stamp & official seal.

Is self attested mandatory?

Applicants to the government now only need to attach self-certified copies of their marksheet, birth certificate, etc. Self-attestation norms, however, will require them to produce the original documents at the final stage.

Is BDO gazetted officer?

Class II or Group B (Gazetted)Example – Doctors (state govt service), Drugs Inspector (state govt service), SDO, BDO,Dy. Class IV or Group D (Non-Gazetted) – Manual workers (skilled or semiskilled)Example – Peon, attender, gardener, driver assistant grade III (fCI) etc.

Is CA a gazetted officer?

Originally Answered: Is a CA a gazetted officer? No;CA is a degree while gazetted officers are either state or central govt. servants.

Is Primary school principal a gazetted officer?

A Headmaster of a Government Primary School is not a Gazetted Officer in India. Headmasters of Government High Schools and above are Gazetted Officers. They are class B Gazetted Officers.

Who is a gazetted officer for document attestation?

Gazetted Officer for Document Attestation. February 24, 2019. A Gazette officer is a person who is an officer in the Indian Government service, the signature, stamp and official seal of which is necessary for verifying and attesting the important documents certified copies and/or photographs of the person for the central and state government.

What is the role of a gazetted officer?

Gazetted officers are assigned the task of attesting a document, i.e. verifying the credibility of the same. The attestation of the gazetted officer amounts to a credible person witnessing the verification of documents. The Gazetted officer have a stamp in their name, which is used to authorize the documents.

Who is not included in the category of gazetted officer?

Any officer of notary or Nagar Sevak or SEO is not included in Gazetted Officer There are two other categories Group C and Group D which includes non-gazetted officer. Group A and Group B can attest the documents. The attesting officer should attest the documents in blue ink only.

Can a gazetted officer attest a passport?

If attestation is being done for the purpose of applying for a passport. It can only be done by Group A gazetted officer only who are under the rank of Secretary/Dy. Director (Level 11 and above), for example, Sub-divisional Magistrate, etc. Only a Group A official can attest the documents related to Citizenship Certification.