Who caught the most TD passes from Brett Favre?

Who caught the most TD passes from Brett Favre?

QB Aaron Rodgers
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers breaks Brett Favre’s franchise record with 443rd TD pass. Aaron Rodgers has moved into the top spot in Packers history.

How many TD passes did Brett Favre have?

Favre, an NFL ironman who played in a record 299 consecutive games, posted totals of 6,300 completions, 10,169 attempts, 71,838 yards, and 508 touchdowns in his 302-game NFL career.

Who has most TD passes in NFL history?

NFL All-Time Passing Touchdown Leaders List

  1. Tom Brady*, 624 TD passes. Simply put, Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.
  2. Drew Brees, 571 TD passes.
  3. Peyton Manning, 539 TD passes.
  4. Brett Favre, 508 TD passes.
  5. Aaron Rodgers*, 449 TD passes.
  6. Philip Rivers, 421 TD passes.
  7. Dan Marino, 420 TD passes.

Who is a better quarterback Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

When it comes to the touchdown record for the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers broke Favre’s record with a touchdown pass to Allen Lazard. Favre set the record with 442 touchdowns and 289 interceptions while Rodgers had 442 touchdowns and 93 interceptions, a huge difference between Rodgers and the Gunslinger.

What was Brett Favre longest pass?

What Was Brett Favre’s Longest Pass? A 90-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Donald Driver in the second quarter was the longest pass in Packers playoff history, and it extended the NFL record for consecutive playoff games with a touchdown pass to 18 for Favre.

Who was Favre’s best receiver?

Regular season

No. Receiver Yds
001 1 Sterling Sharpe 05 5
002 2 Kitrick Taylor 35 35
003 3 Sterling Sharpe 76 76
004 4 Robert Brooks 08 8

Who caught Brett Favre’s 442 touchdown pass?

GREEN BAY, Wis. — They all wanted to catch it, and they all wanted to be the one to present the ball to Aaron Rodgers, but it was Allen Lazard who had the honor of catching the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s franchise-record-setting 443rd career touchdown pass.

How long did it take Brett Favre to get 442 touchdown passes?

16 seasons
Favre needed 255 games and 253 starts for his 442 touchdown passes over 16 seasons. Another difference between the two is their interception totals.

How many touchdown passes for Tom Brady?

In his record 10 Super Bowl appearances, Brady has racked up the most pass attempts (421), completions (277), passing yards (3,039) and touchdown passes (21). He also has the single-game Super Bowl records for completions (43, 2017) and passing yards (505, 2018).

Which QB has most rushing touchdowns?

Cam Newton
Rushing touchdowns

Rank Player Rushing TDs
1 Cam Newton 75
2 Steve Young 43
3 Jack Kemp 40
4 Kordell Stewart 38

How many interceptions did Brett Favre throw in his career?

The biggest difference between the two, however, is the interception total. The gunslinging Favre threw 286 in his Packers career, more than any player in the NFL regardless of team. The fastidious Rodgers has thrown 93.

Is Brett Favre better than Brady?

Although age in the long run would probably have Brett Favre the most durable Quarterback out of the three, Tom Brady has the most accurate stats, and Peyton Manning has the most eye-popping stats. None of them are the same type of Quarterback. Each has a different type of aspect that makes him great.

How many touchdowns has Brett Favre thrown?

Tom Brady, 602 touchdown passes are the top quarterbacks in NFL history. 571 touchdown passes by Drew Brees. 539 TD passes by Peyton Manning. The 508 TD passes that Brett Favre has made are impressive. Pass totals 427 for Aaron Rodgers*. 421 TD passes by Philip Rivers. Marino has 420 career TD passes.

Who did Brett Favre replace at QB?

Favre replaced Majkowski for the remainder of the game. Favre fumbled four times during the course of the game, a performance poor enough that the crowd chanted for Favre to be removed in favor of another Packers backup quarterback at the time, Ty Detmer.

How many NFL records does Brett Favre have?

Brett Lorenzo Favre (/ ˈ f ɑːr v / ; FARV; born October 10, 1969) is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 20 seasons, primarily with the Green Bay Packers. Favre had 321 consecutive starts from 1992 to 2010, including 297 regular-season games, the most in league history. He was also the

What is the value of a Brett Favre rookie card?

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