Who did Seth Rollins lose his WWE Championship to?

Who did Seth Rollins lose his WWE Championship to?

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship in a disqualification loss to Seth Rollins at WWE Royal Rumble on Saturday night, keeping his 500-plus-day title run intact. Reigns refused to break his guillotine choke after Rollins’ hand fell on the bottom rope. The referee counted to five before calling for the bell.

When did Seth Rollins vacate the WWE title?

8 Seth Rollins – WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2015) The Architect was on the top of his game in 2015. Despite holding the title for 220 days, Rollins had to vacate it as he sustained a torn ACL on a European tour.

How long was Seth Rollins WWE Champion?

Also known as Tyler Black, Gixx

Title Duration
PWG World Tag Team Championship 56 days
ROH World Championship 210 days
ROH World Tag Team Championship (2x) 132 days
WWE Championship (2x) 221 days

Has Roman Reigns ever defeated Seth Rollins?

The two fought each other in a singles match for the first time in a pay-per-view match at Money in the Bank 2016 when Rollins defeated Reigns to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

What is Seth Rollins longest title reign?

Longest Single Reigning Universal Champions

Champion Event Days
Seth Rollins WrestleMania 35 98 Days
Seth Rollins SummerSlam 2019 81 Days
Roman Reigns SummerSlam 2018 63 Days
Goldberg Fastlane 27 Days

How many times has Seth Rollins won against Roman Reigns?

Here’s a quick breakdown of these matches: Roman Reigns has defeated Seth Rollins 19 times. Seth Rollins has been victorious on 9 occasions against Roman Reigns.

How many times Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins?

Reigns has been WWE’s Universal champion for more than 500 days — the longest reign in the title’s history. However, he has never defeated Rollins, his former teammate in The Shield, in a high-stakes singles match.

Are Seth Rollins and Finn Balor friends?

Outside the ring, the two men are great friends and are quite often seen together. After Rollins got engaged to fellow superstar, Becky Lynch in 2019, the two men got their friendship strengthened because Balor and Lynch were also close friends.

Why did Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns lose the WWE Tag Team Championship?

On the October 14 episode of Raw, Rollins and Reigns lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a No Disqualification match following interference from Big Show. At Hell in a Cell on October 27, Rollins and Reigns failed to regain the titles in a triple threat match also involving The Usos.

What is Seth Rollins’record in WWE?

Rollins has set numerous records during his time in WWE, with the most notable coming when Rollins beat Roman Reigns and John Cena in a record hour-and-five-minute gauntlet match performance.

Why did Seth Rollins lose the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar?

Afterwards, Rollins lost the title to Lesnar, who cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, ending his reign at 98 days. The following night on Raw, Rollins won a ten-man battle royal for the right to face Lesnar for the championship at SummerSlam by last eliminating Randy Orton.

What happened to Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble?

At the Royal Rumble on January 28, Rollins entered at No. 18 in the Royal Rumble match, but he was eliminated by Reigns. Right after the Royal Rumble match, Rollins and Jordan lost the tag team titles to Cesaro and Sheamus, ending their reign at 34 days.