Who died from Soda Stereo?

Who died from Soda Stereo?

Gustavo Cerati
Cerati along with his band Soda Stereo, were one of the most popular and influential rock and pop groups of the 1980s and ’90s….

Gustavo Cerati
Died 4 September 2014 (aged 55) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Musician singer-songwriter composer producer
Musical career

What happened Soda Stereo?

Gustavo Cerati, the Argentine singer-songwriter who led Soda Stereo, one of the most popular and influential Spanish-language rock and pop groups of the 1980s and ’90s, died on Thursday in Buenos Aires, four years after he lapsed into a coma. He was 55. The cause was respiratory failure, his doctors said. Mr.

Is Gustavo Cerati still alive?

Deceased (1959–2014)Gustavo Cerati / Living or Deceased

When did Soda Stereo come out?

“This is the power between an artist and his people, and this transfers from one generation to another.” Formed in Buenos Aires in 1982, Soda Stereo issued its eponymous first album in 1984, and the group’s catchy pop-rock captured Argentina’s optimism as it emerged from a brutal military dictatorship.

How tall is Cerati?

6′ 0″Gustavo Cerati / Height

What is Gustavo Cerati known for?

One of Latin America’s most popular rock stars, Gustavo Cerati, has died, four years after falling into a coma. The Argentine musician was the lead singer of the Soda Stereo band, which achieve huge success across the Spanish-speaking world in the 1980s. …

Where was Cerati born?

Barracas, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaGustavo Cerati / Place of birthBarracas is a barrio, or district, in the southeast part of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located between the railroad of Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrano and the Riachuelo River, and the streets Regimiento de Patricios, Defensa, Caseros, Vélez Sársfield, Amancio Alcorta, Lafayette, and Lavardén. Wikipedia

What genre is Soda Stereo?

Rock en EspañolSoda Stereo / Genre

Did Gustavo Cerati use drugs?

In a 2006 interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Cerati talked about cocaine binges in his days with the band. He also said that he had stopped smoking after a health scare. “After you reach 40, these situations force you to change your way of life,” he said.

When was Gustavo Cerati born?

August 11, 1959Gustavo Cerati / Date of birth

How many records did Soda Stereo sell?

Soda Stereo is the best-selling band in the history of Argentina, setting landmarks in record sales and concert attendances. The band has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide….This article may be written from a fan’s point of view, rather than a neutral point of view.

Soda Stereo
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina

How did Soda Stereo get its name?

Soda Stereo was formed in 1982. Soda Stereo’s early sound was influenced by new wave bands such as Virus, The Police, Elvis Costello and post-punk bands such as Television. The name Soda Stereo was chosen to reflect the effervescent sound where “soda” made more sense than “champagne” for a new wave band.