Who does Natsu end up with?

Who does Natsu end up with?

Natsu and Lucy forming a team Natsu and Lucy share one of the closest relationships among the members of Fairy Tail, their deep bond stemming from the fact that Natsu was the one responsible for Lucy joining the guild. The two ended up forming a team and have become partners, alongside Happy, that go on jobs together.

What episode does Lucy confess her love to Natsu?

Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like! is the 50th episode of Fairy Tail anime.

Is Natsu in fairy tail zero?

Fairy Tail Zero is a prequel which focuses on the adventures of the guild’s first master, Mavis Vermillion. The last two episodes adapt material from the last two chapters of the 49th volume of the original manga, and deal with Lucy Heartfilia reuniting with Natsu Dragneel and Happy at the Grand Magic Games.

What episode did Lucy fall in love with Natsu?

Episode 50: After the hilarious scenario of Lucy believing Natsu has a crush on her because of Mira’s meddling, she has now become self aware of the fact people mistake her and Natsu as a couple.

Why is Fairy Tail rated MA?

Most are prone to violence in heated matters, but some just resort to anger and yelling.

What are the best episodes in Fairy Tail?

‘Fairy Law’ was one of the most intense episodes that I saw in the ‘Fairy Tail’ anime series. This episode marks the end of the Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord war with Fairy Tail emerging as the victorious party. The fight between Natsu and Gajeel Redfox was intense and action heavy.

Is Fairy Tail a good show?

Is it any good? Fairy Tail appeals to anime fans, thanks to a plot that’s layered with curious characters, legends, and a story that evolves at a believable pace rather than all at once. It’s more complex than most, and the characters run the gamut of personality styles, which helps keep things interesting.

How many episodes are in Fairy Tail?

The 12-episode slice of life anime is drawing to closure. Taisho Otome Fairy Tale, Episode 12 will write the final word in what has been a sweet love story. Tamahiko and Yuzuki managed to reunite

What is the final episode of Fairy Tail?

The official Twitter account for the anime commemorated the announcement that the series will end with Episode 328 with a photo of the series’ cast. The voice cast of the series has officially…