Who had a hit with Teenage Kicks?

Who had a hit with Teenage Kicks?

The Undertones
Teenage Kicks

“Teenage Kicks”
Label Sire
Songwriter(s) John O’Neill
Producer(s) Davy Shannon
The Undertones singles chronology

Did Feargal Sharkey sing Teenage Kicks?

Feargal Sharkey is a singer from Northern Ireland, and is best known as the frontman of punk band The Undertones in the 1970s and 1980s. With the band, he scored big hits including ‘Teenage Kicks’ and ‘My Perfect Cousin’. He then embarked on a solo career, peaking with the 1985 number one single ‘A Good Heart’.

What Teenage Kicks mean?

In this context it means something that teenagers do for fun or for pleasure.

What was the undertones biggest hit?

You Got My Number
# 1 – You Got My Number.

Is Teenage Kicks an album?

Teenage KicksTeenage Kicks / Album

When did teens kick?

1978Teenage Kicks / Released

What has happened to Feargal Sharkey?

Sharkey lives in north London and is now chairman of the Amwell Magna Fishery, Britain’s oldest angling club.

Who found The Undertones?

Friends Michael and Billy and brothers John and Vincent O’Neill formed their band in 1974 and invited classmate and Derry Feis regular Feargal Sharkey to join as singer.

Who wrote the song Teenage Kicks?

John O’NeillTeenage Kicks / ComposerJohn Joseph O’Neill is the rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of the punk rock/new wave band The Undertones. Wikipedia

Who sang teenage dirtbag?

WheatusTeenage Dirtbag / Artist

How many kids Feargal Sharkey?

Little is known about his personal life except that his wife’s name is Elizabeth Sharkey and they have at least one son, who was born possibly in 1982.

Who was the original singer with The Undertones?

Paul McLoone
Michael BradleyJohn O’NeillDamian O’Neill
The Undertones/Singers

What is the song Teenage Kicks?

“Teenage Kicks” is a 1979 song by Irish band The Undertones. The song was revamped in 2013 when British-Irish boyband One Direction did a cover of “One Way Or Another” and used the hook of “Teenage Kicks” as the bridge. What have the artists said about the song? Are there any references to this song?

Is there a movie about the undertones of Teenage Kicks?

Teenage Kicks – The Undertones is a 2001 documentary film directed by Tom Collins. Here Comes the Summer: The Undertones Story is a 2012 BBC-commissioned documentary focusing upon the Undertones.

What bands have covered Teenage Kicks?

“Teenage Kicks” was acoustically covered by Snow Patrol in a tribute to John Peel, and was played at his funeral. All-male pop group One Direction covered “Teenage Kicks” (in a medley with Blondie ‘s single ” One Way or Another “) for the 2013 Comic Relief single ” One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) “.

How did’Teenage Kicks’get its name?

Guitarist John O’Neill (from Q Magazine): “In 1978 we didn’t think ‘Teenage Kicks’ was the best song. True Confessions was the one we thought people would go for and we only named the EP after it because we were teenagers and it seemed appropriate. When John Peel played it twice on his show we were in shock. I came-up with the title.