Who has the highest Donkey Kong score?

Who has the highest Donkey Kong score?

Robbie Lakeman
The highest score on Donkey Kong (Nintendo, 1981) is 1,260,700 points, and was achieved by Robbie Lakeman (USA), on 15 June 2020. Lakeman’s world record run was live streamed on Twitch and took him over four hours.

Is Twin Galaxies arcade still open?

Twin Galaxies (the arcade) has since closed but Twin Galaxies lives on as the official organization that tracks video game world records, similar to the Guinness Book of World Records for video gaming achievement.

Who has the highest score in Pac-Man?

Billy triumphed over his competitor, scoring an unprecedented 3,333,360 points to become the world’s first person to get a “perfect score” on Pac-Man.

Who owns Twin Galaxies?

Walter Day
Walter Day (born May 14, 1949) is an American businessman and the founder of Twin Galaxies, an organization that tracks world records for video games and conducts a program of electronic-gaming promotions.

Who is the current Donkey Kong champion?

Steven J. Wiebe (/ˈwiːbi/; born January 3, 1969) is an American two-time world champion of the video game Donkey Kong, most recently holding the title from September 20, 2010, to January 10, 2011, with a high score of 1,064,500.

How many Donkey Kong levels are there?

four unique
With its four unique levels, Donkey Kong was the most complex arcade game at the time of its release, and only the second game to feature multiple levels (the first was Gorf by Midway Games).

What is the gaming capital of the world?

Gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1850s when the Portuguese government legalised the activity in the autonomous colony. Since then, Macau has become known worldwide as the “Gambling capital of the world” or “Monte Carlo of the East”.

What is Tgsap?

It’s called the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication Process (TGSAP), and it’s pretty simple: When you create an account and make a claim of a score, you have to submit video evidence.

Has anyone beaten Pac-Man?

Pac Man is possibly the world’s most recognised video game. Children of all generations are familiar with it and after decades of playing one man and one man only had finally beat the game. Billy Mitchell is the only person to ever beat the game.

Is King of Kong real?

For the past decade or so, video gamer Billy Mitchell has been known as the “King of Kong,” at times holding the world record for the highest score in the popular arcade game Donkey Kong. But now his legacy is under dispute.

What is the highest score in Steve?

In August 2010, Steve submitted a then-world record of 1,064,500 points on the arcade game Donkey Kong, the first Nintendo title to feature the company’s iconic mascot, Mario, known at that time as “Jumpman.” The score would also serve as Steve’s final submission before stepping back from competitive gameplay.