Who is Al French?

Who is Al French?

Al French, County Commissioner, District 3 | Spokane County, WA.

Who are the Spokane County Commissioners?


  • Commissioner 1. Honorable Nichole Swennumson.
  • Commissioner 2. Honorable Tami M. Chavez.
  • Commissioner 3. Honorable Kevin D. Stewart.
  • Commissioner 4. Honorable Michelle Ressa.

Who is the mayor of Spokane Washington?

Nadine WoodwardSpokane / Mayor

What county is Spokane WA?

Spokane CountySpokane / County

How much does the mayor of Spokane make?

The monthly salary of the mayor was set at $1,775 in 2019 and each councilor’s monthly pay at $1,415. Those pay levels were the result of work by an independent salary commission.

Who is Seattle mayor?

Bruce HarrellSeattle / Mayor

Why is Spokane famous?

Spokane is the largest city in Eastern Washington and the commercial hub for an interstate area known formerly as the “Inland Empire” and now as the “Inland Northwest.” After settlement in the 1870s, it quickly became the county seat of Spokane County and the regional center for mining, agriculture, timber.

What is the capital of Washington?

OlympiaWashington / Capital

Is Nadine Woodward married?

Mayor Woodward and her husband, Bruce, feel blessed to have been able to raise their two children in Spokane, spending many years involved with fundraising committees, teaching art, emceeing events, and coaching numerous sports.

Who is the mayor of Washington?

Muriel BowserWashington, D.C. / Mayor
Muriel Bowser is committed to making sure every Washingtonian gets a fair shot in a growing and prosperous Washington, DC. Her administration is focused on making DC’s prosperity more inclusive, advancing DC values, and building safer, stronger, and healthier neighborhoods across DC’s eight wards.

What nationality is Bruce Harrell?

Early life and education. Harrell was born in 1958 in Seattle, to an African American father who worked for Seattle City Light and a Japanese American mother who had been interned at Minidoka and worked for the Seattle Public Library.

How do you pronounce Spokane?

The correct pronunciation is “Spo-CAN,” not “Spo-CANE.” The name Spokane comes from a Native American tribe. It means “children of the sun.” This city is located in the northwestern part of the United States.