Who is Klaus Schulze?

Who is Klaus Schulze?

Klaus Schulze was born on August 4, 1947 in Berlin, Germany. He is a composer, known for Manhunter (1986), The Bling Ring (2013) and Barracuda (1978).

What is Klaus Schulze’s style of music?

By mid-decade, with the release of Timewind and Moondawn, his style transformed from Krautrock to Berlin School . Klaus Schulze had a more organic sound than other electronic artists of the time.

Who wrote Wahnfried and Schulze?

After 1993, the albums are simply credited to “Wahnfried”, and namedrop Schulze (“featuring Klaus Schulze”, “Produced by Klaus Schulze”).

What was Schulze’s next album?

Schulze’s next studio-based album Angst (soundtrack to the namesake 1983 film) moved away from the harshness of the sharp, heavily sequenced style of the three previous albums and, once again, had the more “organic feel” of earlier recordings. Another highlight of this era was En=Trance with the dreamy cut “FM Delight”.

As both a solo artist and member of groups including Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze is acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of contemporary electronic music.

What happened to Schulze in the 1990s?

Negli anni ’90 l’attività di Schulze oscilla pertanto fra slanci titanici alla ricerca dell’opera che lo consacri ai posteri e meschinità commerciali di nessun valore artistico. Il doppio Are You Sequenced(ZYX, 1996) e il live/studio album Dosburg Online(ZYX, 1997) denotano un’altra profonda crisi creativa.

What are Klaus Schulze’s best albums?

Timewind (1975) – just about any ‘best of list’ for Klaus Schulze will include Timewind, because it is, arguably, the album where he first fully defines his sound. From the swirling white noise that starts Timewind to the Moog sequences, key changes, drones and half-hour plus track lengths, it’s all there.

What makes Schulze’s music so special?

Schulze was prolific in the 1970’s and much of his greatest music was released during this period. Timewind (1975) is the first classic Schulze album. Unlike his earliest work, synthesisers and sequencers now dominate his sound, captured in two lengthy, shimmering, deeply textured compositions.

Klaus Schulze (1947) e` un tastierista tedesco che invento` la musica cosmica con i Tangerine Dreame poi ne divenne l’esponente piu` tipico negli anni ’70. Fu uno dei massimi pionieri della musica elettronica popolare, precursore di decine di stili che prenderanno piede nella musica rock nei 30 anni successivi.

What happened to Klaus’concerts?

The dates of any seriously planned concert by Klaus will be put immediately into this website. After his Tokyo concerts in 2010, KS has publicly announced that he will give no concerts anymore. Of course, you can write kdm an e-mail and ask questions or make comments.

What is Sinfonia di Schulze?

La sinfonia di Schulze prende lo sputo da un’idea “pittorica”, ma la trascende in atmosfere grondanti cascate di sensazioni paniche. Michelangiolesco architetto del suono, è capace di erigere nel caos universale miraggi abbaglianti, di distillare estasi dal magma, di tessere fiabe e incantesimi nei silenzi eterni.