Who is Kyo-1 in King of Fighters?

Who is Kyo-1 in King of Fighters?

-1) is a character in The King of Fighters series. He was introduced as one of Kyo Kusanagi’s many clones who serves the NESTS cartel . In The King of Fighters ’99, two clones of Kyo Kusanagi appeared as selectable characters: Kyo-1 and Kyo-2.

How does Kyo-1 compare to Kyo Kusanagi?

Kyo-1 is more serious than Kyo-2, and doesn’t underestimate any of his opponents. He hates Kyo Kusanagi with a burning passion. Pyrokinesis – Kyo-1 has control over fire except for those he didn’t create. Create Fire – Kyo-1 can create fire from thin air. Fire Attacks – Kyo-1 can throw balls of fire.

What is Kyo-1’s oniyaki?

Like Kyo-2, Kyo-1 does not possess any method numbering like the original Kyo does, and his Oniyaki (Ogre Baker) is notably replaced by a variation of the original Kyo’s Batsu Yomi (Punishment Recital) known as the Aoki (Pale Ogre). Days of Memories (fourth title) – in-text cameo; mentioned as one of Krizalid’s minions

What is Kyo-1’s fighting style?

Fire Projectile – Kyo-1 can fire a projectile of fire through the ground. His fighting style is based on Kyo’s fighting style during The King of Fighters ’94 and The King of Fighters ’95 , though heavily modified and arranged.

Are there any KOF clones of Mugen games?

Well, Nunor made some sections on KOF games about various MUGEN clones, but mostly K’ and Kula. Maybe a new section about KOF clones should be compiled with those ones and from chars like Kyo, Athena and other more which have a lot of edits =P.

How good is Kyo-1?

In M.U.G.E.N, Kyo-1 has been made quite a number of times by various authors. The most comonly used one is by Jin, and is supplied as part of a 2-pack with Kyo-2. Kyo-1 is an absolute terror at close range. Many of his close range attacks, including his projectile and one super, have OTG properties.

How many clones of Kyo are there in King of Fighters?

He also starred in is own spin-off manga story based on his adventure in The King of Fighters ’96 entitled The King of Fighters Kyo, which also spawned a videogame of the same name. The KoF series in general has several clones of him like, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, and Kusanagi to name off some, and now let’s see just how many fan-made clones we got here.