Who is Mat Pokora?

Who is Mat Pokora?

Matthieu Tota (French pronunciation: ​[matjø tɔta]; born 26 September 1985), artistically known as Matt Pokora, then M. Pokora (/pəˈkɔːrə/), is a French singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. In 2016, he became a coach for The Voice Kids France and The Voice: la plus belle voix.

How old is Pokora?

36 years (September 26, 1985)M. Pokora / Age

What nationality is Matt Pokora?

FrenchM. Pokora / Nationality

Who is Matt Pokora net worth?

Pokora’s estimated net worth is $8 million in 2021. Besides music, he is also a well-known actor, dancer, and model.

Is Matt Pokora married?

Christina MilianM. Pokora / Spouse (m. 2020)

When did Matt Pokora and Christina Milian meet?

After meeting at a restaurant in France, Milian and Pokora began dating in August 2017. E! News’s Daily Pop revealed that when the manager of the restaurant suggested they talk to each other since they’re both musicians, she wasn’t interested. She eventually warmed up to him and his handsome looks.

What is the English of Pokora?

noun. humbleness [noun] humility [noun] modesty; humbleness. submission [noun] humbleness or obedience.

Where is black M from?

Paris, FranceBlack M / Place of birth

How long have Christina Milian and Matt Pokora been together?

The Love Don’t Cost a Thing star and Pokora, 35, started dating in August 2017, and parenting has made them “stronger” and “closer” as a couple, Milian said of the French singer in May 2020.

How long has Christina Milian and Matt Pokora been together?

Christina and Matt got together in August 2017, and married just over three years later in December 2020 – but not before welcoming their first son, Isaiah earlier that year. Matt is a french singer and songwriter, working under the stage name M.

Are Christina Milian and Matt Pokora still together?

Milian and Pokora have been together since 2017 after meeting in Saint-Tropez, France. Pokora, born Matthieu Tota, was born in Strasbourg and is a very popular singer in France. The couple split their time with their family, including Milian’s daughter Violet, between the country and in Los Angeles.

Is Christina Milian Still with Matt Pokora?

Milian and Pokora have been together since August 2017.