Who is Nemesis in Resident Evil?

Who is Nemesis in Resident Evil?

Nemesis T-Type, also simply called Nemesis (nicknamed the ” Pursuer “) is a major antagonist in the Resident Evil video game series.

Is Nemesis in Operation Raccoon City?

Nemesis (under the name Nemesis T-02) makes an appearance in the non-canon hypothetical scenario game of the Resident Evil franchise titled Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Though his role essentially similar within Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, there’s a noticeable change on this character: First of all, he depicted standing roughly 9 feet tall.

What is the 8e Regiment de Cuirassiers?

Theirs is a distinguished record in all the major campaigns between 1792 and 1815 8e Regiment de Cuirassiers. Created in 1665 from Regiment de Villequier which had been originaly formed in 1638 and named Cuirassiers du Roi. 1791 saw the Regiment renamed the 8e Regiment de Cavalerie and finally becoming the 8e Regiment de Cuirassiers in 1803

What happened to Nemesis in the comics?

Nemesis in his final form. However, Nemesis reappeared, now little more than a torso, and absorbed the organic matter of a dead T-103 Tyrant, undergoing a final mutation into a monstrous tentacled abomination. Jill managed to damage the creature with the railgun, seemingly killing it, but as she was walking away, Nemesis stirred once more.

What is the Nemesis-T type?

Le Nemesis-T Type (Nemesis-Tyrant Type) était une troisième génération d’armes biologique de type Tyrandéveloppée par le Sixième Laboratoire d’Umbrella Europe en France[2][3]sous la direction directe du Quartier Général d’Umbrella, à travers l’utilisation de l’organisme parasite artificiel « Type NE-α », généralement appelé « Nemesis ».[4]

Is Nemesis superhuman?

Superhuman Speed: Despite his large and bulky physique, Nemesis is capable of outrunning any human being. Nemesis prefers to rapidly sprint towards his opponents like a charging rhino and bludgeon them to death with his superhuman strength. Superhuman Durability: Nemesis is extremely durable.