Who is Patricia St John?

Who is Patricia St John?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Patricia Mary St. John (1919–1993) was an English writer who was known as one of the most prolific British Protestant evangelical writers of fiction in the latter part of the 20th century. She worked for much of her life as a Protestant missionary nurse in Morocco.

Who was Patricia Swain?

The third of five children (the others being Farnham, John, Oliver and Hazel), Patricia was born on 5 April 1919 in Hastings, Sussex to Harold (Harry) and Ella St. John nee Swain, shortly after her parents’ return from South America (Carangola, Brazil) where they had worked as missionaries for some years.

What happened to Mary St John?

St. John lived her later years in Canley, Coventry, where she worshipped at Canley Evangelical Church and ran children’s bible classes from home. She died in Canley on 16 August 1993 as a result of heart problems.