Who is Robbert van den Broeke?

Who is Robbert van den Broeke?

As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who lives in the southern Netherlands’ village of Hoeven, is singular in his ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new crop formations in his general vicinity.

What ever happened to David van den Broeke?

In 2005 Van den Broeke was exposed as a fraud by Rob Nanninga, editor in chief of Skepter, in the ‘genverbrander’ incident, you can read about this on Wikipedia. After that he wasn’t seen on national television for quite some time, but he kept on doing his usual business with crop circles and ghost photography.

What does Robbert van den Broeke observe about the cloud?

Robbert van den Broeke observes a “black cloud” down low over a field, and then a “black spiral going down into the ground” just 30 feet in front of him and Nancy (who saw only the spiral). A new crop circle in the form of a “Celtic Cross,” was found immediately afterward.