Who is Shaista Lodhi husband?

Who is Shaista Lodhi husband?

Adnan Lodhim. 2015
Waqar Wahidm. 1999–2012
Shaista Lodhi/Husband

What happened Shaista Lodhi?

Shaishta moved to South Africa with her three children and returned to Pakistan in 2015 and made her come back in morning shows by hosting Sitare Ki Subah on Hum Sitaray. Shaista has a brother Sahir Lodhi, who is also working in TV. She also hosted Mehmaan Nawaz on SEE TV and now hosting Geo Subah Pakistan on Geo TV.

Why did Shaista Wahidi leave Pakistan?

Geo Entertainment’s morning show Utho Jago Pakistan host Shaista Wahidi has left the country after ARY anchor Mubashir Luqman accused the show of airing blasphemous content, a private news channel reported.

How old is Sahir Lodhi?

53 years (May 21, 1968)Sahir Lodhi / Age

Why Shaista Lodhi got divorce?

When asked about her divorce from Waqar, Shaista said, “I look at my divorce from Waqar in a different way. Talking about her ex-husband’s death, Lodhi revealed that after their separation they both moved on and carried again. But her ex-husband got sick which worsened his health and unfortunately, he lost his life.

Is Shaista Lodhi a dentist?

Shaista Lodhi is a skilled doctor; she has completed her MBBS a member of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Is Shaista Lodhi married?

Shaista Lodhi/Spouse

Is Sahir Lodhi married?

Somi Nizami LodhiSahir Lodhi / Spouse (m. 2005)

How old is Danish Taimoor?

39 years (February 16, 1983)Danish Taimoor / Age

Who is Mahira Khan husband?

Ali AskariMahira Khan / Husband (m. 2007–2015)

Khan met Ali Askari in 2006 in Los Angeles and married him in 2007 in a traditional Islamic wedding ceremony despite Khan’s father being reportedly against the marriage. They have a son, born in 2009.

What kind of doctor is Shaista Lodhi?

Dr. Shaista Lodhi is a highly skilled Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and Cosmetologist. She is also a famous TV host and actress with a very large following. She has hosted and been a part of many morning shows for Pakistani media giants.

What is the age of Faisal Qureshi?

48 years (October 26, 1973)Faysal Quraishi / Age

Who is Shaista Lodhi?

Shaista Lodhi is a famous and highest-paid TV host, an actress and also an MBBS doctor. She was born in the metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi. She belongs to a non-artistic family, her father is a Govt. officer, Ali Gohar Lodhi and mother is a housewife, Roshan Taj Lodhi.

What happened to Shaista Wahidi?

But in 2002, she got divorced from Waqar Wahidi and shifted to South Africa with her three children. After three years, she returned and got married to her cousin, Adnan Lodhi in June 2015. Shaista started her career journey from radio and turned to the TV host.

What happened to Shaista Khan’s career?

She started the hosting of ARY Digital morning show “Good Morning Pakistan”. Later on, she left the job and at the end of September 2010, she joined GEO TV where she hosted a morning show named “Utho Jago Pakistan” at the same time. When Shaista was at the peak of her success.

Who are the parents of Rishta Lodhi?

She belongs to a non-artistic family, her father is a Govt. officer, Ali Gohar Lodhi and mother is a housewife, Roshan Taj Lodhi. She is the only one sister of three brothers, named Amir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi and a younger one, Sahir Lodhi who was also the host of various famous TV shows, and an actor.