Who is Silverweed in Watership Down?

Who is Silverweed in Watership Down?

Silverweed is a rabbit that lives in the Warren of Snares. He is said by Cowslip to be “The finest poet the warren had had in months”. Silverweed is indeed quite skilled in poetry. Fiver said that “Silverweed had frightened him with his poem, but he was the only rabbit in the Warren of Snares that he could understand”.

What are the rabbits names in Watership Down?

Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and the other rabbits founded their own warren at Watership Down, Hampshire after a great deal of exploring. Hazel was Chief Rabbit. He is a strong leader with a talent for bringing out the best in every rabbit. General Woundwort was the founder and Chief Rabbit of Efrafa until his death.

What is the name of Cowslip’s warren?

Hazel is curious that one of the rabbits in Cowslip’s warren is named Laburnum, a name that translates into Lapine as “Poison Tree” (laburnum is toxic to rabbits and other animals). Some of the other rabbits in the warren are Silverweed and Kingcup—both of which are also plants poisonous to rabbits.

Who was the nasty rabbit in Watership Down?

General Woundwort
General Woundwort is the main antagonist of the book Watership Down, and all film and television series adaptations of the same name. He is the Chief Rabbit of Efrafa.

What is the moral of Watership Down?

It’s what happens when a writer decides to give his young readers an obvious, but invaluable lesson: loss, obstacles and chaos, whether we choose them or not, are part of life. Adams, who died on Tuesday at the age of 96, has recounted the birth of Watership Down many times.

What is the type of trap Bigwig finds himself caught in?

After angrily telling Fiver that he is going to make sure that no other rabbits will follow him, Bigwig runs headlong into a “shining wire” (snare).

How many rabbits were in Watership Down?

Though the Watership Down warren eventually grew to seventeen rabbits, with the additions of Strawberry, Holly, Bluebell, and three hutch rabbits liberated from the farm, the movie includes a band of only eight.

Is Strawberry a doe Watership Down?

Strawberry appears in the miniseries of Watership Down. Strawberry in the miniseries. Strawberry is portrayed as a doe in this version voiced by Olivia Colman. The Sandleford rabbits meet her in Cowslip’s warren, where she excitedly gives Hazel a tour of the warren and asks if they can be friends.

What was unusual about cowslip’s offer?

What was unusual about Cowslip’s offer? Most rabbits are suspicious and unwelcoming. Why did Fiver tell the rabbits to have nothing to do with Cowslip? He was suspicious, wisely not being prepared to put his life on the line by trusting someone he knew nothing about.

What is a delicacy among rabbits in Watership Down?

Fiver suggests to Hazel that the two of them go down to the brook. He senses a “queer” energy about the warren this evening. Hazel agrees, excited to look for cowslips, a “delicacy” among rabbits.

Who was Fiver in Watership Down?

Richard Briers
Watership Down (1978) – Richard Briers as Fiver – IMDb.

Does Watership Down have a deeper meaning?

For years, many have believed that Watership Down had a secondary, and much deeper, meaning. The dictatorial elements have been described as a metaphor for communism while some viewers have even likened the entire story to a take on Christianity. ‘It’s just a story about rabbits.