Who is the fastest Irish person?

Who is the fastest Irish person?

Paul Hession (born 27 January 1983 in Galway) is an Irish international track and field athlete who the fastest Irishman in history over 200 metres. He specialises in the sprinting events, particularly the 200 metres.

What is the Irish record for 5k?


Event Record Athlete
5000 m 13:03.53 Alistair Cragg
5 km (road) 13:26 Alistair Cragg
10000 m 27:39.55 Alistair Cragg
10 km (road) 27:46 John Treacy

How many athletics are in Ireland?

Athletics Ireland retains a strong volunteer ethos and the thousands of administrators, officials and coaches who give freely of their time play a vital role in our organization. We have 359 affiliated clubs with a combined membership of just over 62,700.

How do I run for Ireland athletics?

To qualify for a position on the Trail Team the candidate must have suitable Trail / Mountain running experience and have ran a 50K in 3:15hrs or faster for Men and 50K in 3:30hrs or faster for Women.

What’s the fastest 5k run time?

The official world records in the 5000 metres are held by Joshua Cheptegei with 12:35.36 for men and Letesenbet Gidey with 14:06.62 for women.

What do you do in an athletics club?

About Athletics Club Athletics is a sport with many different elements, running, walking, sprinting, hurdling, throwing and jumping so if you’d like to get involved in the club and try something new make sure to get in touch.

How many people run in Ireland?

Research conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of Sport Ireland – which was spread over five phases beginning on February 28th – shows that 710,000 people are regularly participating in the category of exercise, 680,000 people are running and 510,000 people are cycling.

What do you mean by athletic?

Definition of athletic 1 : of or relating to athletes or athletics an athletic scholarship athletic teams athletic events. 2a : characteristic of an athlete athletic talent a strong, athletic build. b : vigorous, active an athletic lifestyle. c : active or gifted in sports, games, or exercises He’s not very athletic.

What is the National Archives of Ireland?

The National Archives collects, manages and preserves the public record of Ireland, ensuring its availability both as a resource and to safeguard citizens’ rights.

Who holds the 26-year-old Irish record for the 5000m?

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Who holds the Irish indoor pentathlon record in Cardiff?

^ “Kate O’Connor: Dundalk athlete regains Irish Indoor Pentathlon record in Cardiff”. bbc.co.uk. 27 January 2019. Retrieved 28 January 2019.

Where can I find records about the transportation of convicts from Ireland?

The National Archives holds a wide range of records relating to the transportation of convicts from Ireland to Aust… twitter.com/i/web/status/14628… We use cookies to optimize our website and our service.