Who is the new weather girl on KTLA?

Who is the new weather girl on KTLA?

Liberté Chan is an LA Unscripted contributor on KTLA Channel 5. For years she worked as a meteorologist and reporter, with her first stint at the station starting as a writer under the late Hal Fishman, an L.A. news legend, on his one-hour news show, KTLA 5 News at 10.

How old is Kacey Montoya?

Kacey Montoya Age Judging by her date of birth, the media personality is currently 36 years old and will be turning 37 years old later on this month.

How old is Megan Henderson?

47 years (February 19, 1975)Megan Henderson / Age

Where did Liberte Chan go?

What happened to Liberte Chan on Channel 5 news? After working as a meteorologist for KTLA’s weekend show since 2012, she bade farewell to the Weekend Morning News on February 21st, 2021. She now focuses her time on KTLA’s LA Unscripted.

What happened to the Channel 5 weather girl?

Published August 16, 2021 • Updated on August 16, 2021 at 1:44 pm. NBC 5 announced on Monday that weekday morning meteorologist Andy Avalos is set to retire at the end of August. Alicia Roman will take over the role as primary meteorologist for NBC 5 News Today at 4 a.m.-7 a.m. beginning Monday, Aug.

How old is Dayna?

56 years (March 20, 1965)Dayna Devon / Age

How old is KTLA Jennifer Gould?

50 years (March 10, 1971)Jen Gould / Age

How old is Jessica Holmes?

45 years (November 17, 1976)Jessica Holmes / Age

Why is Liberte Chan leaving KTLA?

On Sunday, Liberté Chan said goodbye to the KTLA weekend morning news. Chan told viewers her news contract was coming to an end and that she is going to focus on LA Unscripted, which airs weekday evenings at 7 p.m. She’s worked as a meteorologist on the L.A. weekend morning newscast since 2012.

How much money does Chris Schauble make?

Schauble receives an average annual salary of between $ 35,000. This is in line with the salaries of KTLA 5 News anchors / journalists.

Who is the KTLA 5 meteorologist?

Vera Jimenez is KTLA 5’s meteorologist for the KTLA 5 News at 6, 6:30, 10 and 11 on weeknights. Vera was born in Mexico and moved to Southern California when she was 3.

What happened to Laura Liberté on KTLA 5?

She returned to KTLA in 2010 and eventually became a fixture on the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News until her departure from the show in February 2021. Liberté earned her certificate in meteorology from Mississippi State University in August 2015.

Is Kacey Montoya still with KTLA?

Kacey Montoya. Kacey Montoya is an Emmy-Award winning reporter who joined KTLA as a general assignment reporter in June 2013. Prior to KTLA, she spent more than five years at CBS affiliate, KOIN-TV, in Portland, Ore., where she was an anchor and reporter.

Who is the meteorologist on KABC?

Vera eventually got a chance to work on television — first for KABC-TV and then for KCBS-TV, both here in Los Angeles. While at KCBS-TV, Vera went back to school to study meteorology from Mississippi State, earning her certificate in August 2009. Vera has earned two Emmys, three Golden Mikes and three Golden Pylons.