Who is the owner of DY 365?

Who is the owner of DY 365?

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Owner Brahmaputra Tele Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Key people Sanjeev Jaiswal(Chairman), Dipannita Jaiswal(Managing Director)
Sister channels Jonack

Who is the owner of Prag?

Dr Sanjive Narain
Prag News

Language(s) Assamese
Owner Prag Network (AM Television Pvt Ltd)
Key people Dr Sanjive Narain, CMD

Which is the No 1 news channel in Assam?

News Live is one of the most popular, most-watched and top-ranking satellite channel in Assam and the North Eastern Region of India.

Who is the owner of Assam talks?

Rockland Media and Communication Pvt Ltd.
Assam Talks is an Indian Assamese-language news channel based in Guwahati. It is owned by Rockland Media and Communication Pvt Ltd.

Who is the editor in chief of News Live?

Syed Zarir Hussain
News Live Chief Managing Editor Syed Zarir Hussain received USTM Media Excellence Award-2018.

Who is prasanta rajguru?

Shri Prasanta Rajguru Shri Rajguru is the Executive Editor, Amar Asom, a frontline Assamese daily from Guwahati. He is a Rotary International Peace Fellow and did an International Course on Conflict Resolution at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

WHO IS DR Sanjive Narain?

Sanjive Narain is a pioneer of the Television Industry in Assam and Northeast with 28 years of experience in the Television and Broadcast Media. A renowned name in the Broadcasting and Entertainment Industry he has launched nearly 200 channels in the Northeast. Narain is also the president of Assam Chamber of Commerce.

What is the name of TV in Assamese?

Television Meaning in Assamese

1 Television টিভি Tibhi
2 Television টেলিভিছন Telibhichhan
3 Television টেলিভিশ্বন Telibhishban
4 Television দূৰদর্শন Durdarshan

Which is best Assamese news channel?

List of Assamese TV Channels

  • Pratidin Time. Assamese news channel based in Guwahati.
  • Assam Talks. Assamese news television channel based in Guwahati.
  • DY 365. Assamese news channel owned by Brahmaputra Tele Productions Pvt.
  • News18 Assam. New channel based in Guwahati, Assam.
  • News Live.
  • North East Live.
  • Prag News.

Who is the owner of News Live?

Pride East Entertainments Private Limited
News Live is owned by Pride East Entertainments Private Limited.

Who is Syed Zarir Hussain?

In 1996, Hussain received the Sanskriti Foundation National Award for excellence in journalism….

Wasbir Hussain
Born Sibsagar, Assam
Years active 1984 – present
Notable credit(s) Talk Time with Wasbir Hussain – A Weekly English Talk Show on News Live, on air since 2008
Television North East Live, News Live

What is editor in chief in news channel?

An Editor-in-Chief is the lead the editorial team who determines the look, feel and content of a publication. An Editor-in-Chief may also at times be referred to as Editor, Managing Editor, or Executive Editor.