Who is the owner of Hiptv?

Who is the owner of Hiptv?

Ayo Animashaun
HipTV is a Nigerian basic cable television channel owned by Ayo Animashaun. The channel is the sole channel with broadcasting rights to The Headies….HipTV.

Owner Ayo Animashaun
Launched July 2007

Who is the owner of headies?

The image of The Headies was created by Ayo Animashaun, the founder of the awards, and drawn by Matthias Aragbada.

Who is the CEO of hip TV?

Ayo Animashaun

Hakeem Babatunde Haky Dee
Born 27 April 1972 Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation entertainment entrepreneur, Radio executive.

How can I contact HipTv?

Contact Us

  1. [email protected].
  2. 4, Ogundana Street. Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Lagos, Nigeria.
  3. +234 812 501 8648.

Is Ontv on DStv?

On the 11 of June 2015, ONTV launched on DStv channel 257 and GoTV Channel 96, continuing in broadcasting other syndicated contents from other CMA Group channels on the Dstv and GOtv bouquet.

Where is The Headies taking place?

On Tuesday, organisers of the Headies Awards revealed that the 15th edition of the awards would hold on July 2 in Atlanta, U.S.A.

Is Ontv on Dstv?

What channel is HipTV on DSTV?

Hip TV will commence 24-hour transmission on DSTV channel 324 and GOTV channel 74.

How can I stream headies 2021 live?

Do you know you can stream the 14th Headies Live on our social media platforms? Enjoy the Glitz and Glamour Nigeria’s biggest and prestigious award has to offer on Airtel Tv, the HipTV App, Facebook and YouTube platforms and on The Headies Instagram Page.

Who owns Onmax?

CMA Group is the parent company for TV channels Soundcity TV, Trybe TV, Televista TV, Spice TV, ONTV Nigeria, ONMAX, VillageSquare TV, Urban96 Radio Network, Access 24 and Televise TV and radio stations Soundcity Radio Network, Access 24 and Urban96 Radio Network.

Is Ontv same as Onmax?

ONTVMAX is a further rebranded extension of the ONTV experience and will broadcast other syndicated contents from other CMA Group channels on the Dstv and GOtv bouquet, specifically from Trybe Movie Channel, Televista contents like the telenovelas, spanking new and fresh music videos and exclusive contents from …