Who is the pastor of King Jesus Ministry?

Who is the pastor of King Jesus Ministry?

Guillermo Maldonado
King Jesus International Ministry senior pastor, Guillermo Maldonado, gives spiritual coverage to 500 churches in 70 countries, which form the Supernatural Global Network.

What is a pastor?

A pastor is someone with the authority to lead religious services. Pastors lead church services and help others worship. Pastor is a religious title used mostly in Christian churches. The pastor is a leader within a church who has been ordained and therefore given the authority to conduct religious services.

Where is Maldonado now?

Maldonado, 33, is moving into sportscar racing for the first time after two years on the sidelines following his final F1 stint with Lotus. Team boss Elton Julian told Autosport: “I’ve been after Pastor for some time and have now been able to offer him the right package.

How many wins does Pastor Maldonado have?

Pastor Maldonado

Formula One World Championship career
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Where is Guillermo Maldonado now?

Guillermo Maldonado (born 1965 or 1966) is a Honduran-American Evangelical Christian, pastor, televangelist, and author. He is the co-founder and senior pastor of El Rey Jesús, a Nondenominational Christianity megachurch located in Miami, Florida.

What is a lady pastor called?

pastoress (plural pastoresses) A female pastor (person who tends to a flock) quotations ▼

Who is a real pastor?

A PASTOR IS A FAITHFUL STEWARD (Titus 1:7) — Here the term used is overseer (Greek episkopos). It is not another office, but a functional title of the shepherd. It is what he does. He is a steward, a manager of God’s resources and Jesus’ flock.

Can a pastor divorce his wife?

While every pastor must seek to strengthen and protect Christian marriage, counseling those facing marital infidelity or abandonment requires presenting a full picture of their legal options. State laws permit one spouse to seek a divorce with or without the other party’s permission after a period of separation.