Who is the richest person on Heartland?

Who is the richest person on Heartland?

Amber Marshall Net Worth: Amber Marshall is a Canadian actress who has a net worth of $2 million….Amber Marshall Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 2, 1988 (33 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession: Actor

How old is Amber Marshall?

33 years (June 2, 1988)Amber Marshall / Age

Who is grandfather on Heartland?

Shaun Johnston
Shaun Johnston plays Grandpa Jack, one of the most iconic characters on CBC’s Heartland, now filming its 10th season. His gruff exterior, dry wit and warm heart make him a definite fan favourite.

Who plays frank on Heartland?

Shaun Johnston was born on September 9, 1958 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is an actor and …

What is Graham Wardle doing since leaving Heartland?

Since 2015, he has been married to Allison Wardle but not much information is available on her. Outside of acting, Wardle also has his own podcast, Time Has Come, where he is the host and producer. “A huge thank you to all of you who have supported my journey into podcasting,” he tweeted to his fans.

How much is Ty from Heartland worth?

Graham Wardle net worth: Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor, filmmaker, and photographer who has a net worth of $3 million. Graham Wardle was born in Mission, British Columbia, Canada in September 1986. He is best known for playing the role of Ty Borden in the television series Heartland.

Is Graham Wardle still married to Allison Wardle?

Allison Wardle Husband Allison Wardle is happily married to Graham Wardle a Canadian Actor, Photographer and Producer. The couple tied the knot in April 2015.

Who owns Heartland ranch?

Who Owns the Horses on Heartland? John Scott owns most of the horses that are used in Heartland. Scott is the head wrangler of the show and is well known in the film industry. With over 50 years of experience training animals for movies, this man has done it all.

How old is Grandpa Jack on Heartland?

Jack Bartlett (not actor Shaun Johnston) has lived on the Heartland ranch for his entire life, the place that belonged to his family for six generations….

Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
Born: September 9, 1958 (age 62)
Birthplace: Edmonton, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Actor, director, singer, guitar player

How old is Ty Borden on Heartland?

The 34-year-old actor was born in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, and is one of six children in his family.

Are Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle friends?

By Eric Volmers. Roughly two years ago, Amber Marshall received a phone call from Graham Wardle, the actor she worked closely with for 14 years on the CBC show, Heartland. “He and I have a very close relationship, we’ve been great friends for a number of years since the show began.

Why was Ty written off Heartland?

Graham Wardle decided to leave Heartland to explore other areas of life. After being on the show for 14 seasons, Wardle felt it was time to move on from acting and dedicate more time to his own projects. The Heartland star has already asked for time off the screen before, during Season 10 when Ty leaves for Mongolia.