Who is the strongest in the devil is a part timer?

Who is the strongest in the devil is a part timer?

1. Miki Shiba. Miki Shiba is the landlady of Maou’s apartment where he and Ashiya live.

Does Emilia fall in love with MAOU?

While it is unclear whether Maou and Emi are harboring the beginnings of romantic feelings towards each other, it is worth noting that there have been hints of some level of attraction throughout the LNs.

Who is the black haired girl in the devil is a part timer?

Emi Yusa
Species Human/Angel Hybrid
Gender Female
Birthday 25 October 1025
Sign Scorpio

Is Kumoko same as Shiraori?

While Shiraori and Kumoko are indeed the same person, she is, in fact, not the reincarnation of Wakaba Hiiro. In reality, Wakaba Hiiro was an alternate identity assumed by D to escape her duties as the manager of the Underworld and play at being a normal high-school student.

Who is stronger EMI or MAOU?

If we take Yesod into account and the fact that they give a huge power boost, Emi would now be stronger than Maou in terms of just power because she has 4 Yesod fragments with her while Maou has only 2 Yesod fragments.

Who likes MAOU?

Chiho Sasaki He also calls her ‘Chi-chan’, signifying their closeness with each other. During the incident with Lucifer, she gained knowledge of Ente Isla as well as Maou’s true identity. Chiho has a very obvious crush on Maou, but he has yet to respond to her feelings despite her confession.

Who is MAOU love interest?

Do MAOU and EMI have a child?

Alas=Ramus (アラス・ラムス, Arasu Ramusu) is the appointed daughter of Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa.

Is EMI stronger than MAOU?

Is Ariel stronger than Kumoko?

Kumoko is obliterated by Ariel’s strength.

Is wakaba Hiiro the Demon Lord?

“Wakaba Hiiro” was a false identity created by D, which she used it to masquerade as a high schooler to escape her responsibilities as a god and enjoy a life on Earth.

Does MAOU love EMI?

Over the course of the Ente Isla incident and the events afterwards, it becomes clear to others that Maou truly cares about Emi. However, when confronted with this information, he becomes extremely defensive and does not want to admit it.

What is Maou The hand?

Maou The Hand is similar to Majin The Hand except that it is purple in color and is more powerful. Tachimukai was able to evolve it until G5 and was able to stop Someoka ‘s Dragon Slayer V3 and Gouenji ‘s 真 Bakunetsu Screw.

What is Maou’s name in the anime?

In the anime, Tsunami Jousuke points out that it is an evolution of Mugen The Hand, which confuses Kogure. Similar to Majin The Hand, it was also renamed in the Italian dub due to religious censorship, and is known as Mano di Forza (Force Hand). In the manga and TCG, the word “Maou” is written in hiragana (まおう), instead of kanji as in the anime.

What is Maou’s God catch like?

Maou The Hand can be seen as a direct parallel to Endou’s God Catch, as both moves are their strongest catching hissatsu techniques, and involve using a devil or a god to stop the ball.

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