Who is using osquery?

Who is using osquery?

Osquery is most often used by companies with >10000 employees and >1000M dollars in revenue….Who uses Osquery?

Company Walmart Inc
Revenue >1000M
Company Size >10000
Company Comcast Corporation
Website xfinity.com

Who created osquery?

Osquery is a universal endpoint agent that was developed by Facebook in 2014. It is an active and growing open source project on GitHub, with 230 contributors and more than 90 releases to-date.

What is the osquery version?

As per the documentation, osqueryi is a modified version of the SQLite shell. You’ll know that you’ve successfully entered into the interactive shell by the new command prompt. One way to familiarize yourself with the Osquery interactive shell, as with any new tool, is to check its help menu.

What can osquery do?

Osquery can deliver substantial business value by providing insight into the configuration, security, and behavior of your operating systems and infrastructure. This powerful data-gathering instrumentation framework shines with operating system flexibility and broad use-case utility.

What is osquery written in?

Documentation. This wiki, hosted on ReadTheDocs.io, is written in Markdown and kept within the osquery GitHub repository in the docs/wiki directory. Please submit changes using GitHub pull requests. The wiki is built automatically with every commit and available as “latest”.

How do I start osquery?

Running osquery To set this up, you’ll need to install the daemon via the service installation flags as detailed in the steps above, and then provide the daemon with a config file. The simplest way to get osqueryd up and running is to rename the C:\Program Files\osquery\osquery. example. conf file provided to osquery.

How do I run osquery on Windows?

Is osquery open source?

It’s open source Osquery is released under the Apache License. Ever since we open-sourced it in 2014, organizations and individuals have contributed an ever-growing list of impressive features, useful tools, and helpful documentation.

Where is osquery installed?

Managing the daemon service osquery provides a helper script for managing the osquery daemon service, which is installed to C:\Program Files\osquery\manage-osqueryd.

What language is osquery written in?

Extensions are commonly written in C++, but can also be developed in Python, in Go, or in really any language that supports Thrift. Only the osquery SDK provides the simple startExtension symbol that manages the life of your process, including the Thrift service threads and a watchdog.