Who killed cows son?

Who killed cows son?

In order to provide justice to the cow, Ellalan killed his own son, Veedhividangan, under the chariot as his own punishment i.e. Ellalan made himself suffer as much as the cow. Impressed by the justice of the king, Lord Shiva blessed him and brought back the calf and his son alive.

Who was King Elara?

King Elara was a king of the Chola Dynasty of the Chola Kingdom of South India. He conquered a part of Sri Lanka including the ancient Royal Capital of Anuradhapura and ruled it from BC 205 to BC 161. He was a just king. In other words, he was fair to everyone.

How many years did King Elara rule Sri Lanka?

44 years
Although he was an invader, he is often regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s wisest and just kings, as highlighted in Mahavamsa. Elara’s reign has been ascertained to be from 205 BC to 161 BC – a cumulative period of 44 years.

Who killed King Elara?

The chronicles focus a lot on these ten champions, and vividly describe some unusual “tests” that Dutthagamani carried out to find out their skills. The battle ended in victory for Dutthagamani’s forces and considerably weakened Elara’s army, ultimately leading to his defeat and death.

Who is known as King of justice in India?

Sher Shah was known as ‘Sultan of fair justice’. He started the Suri dynasty in 1540 by defeating Humayun. He was a just ruler who dispensed justice without any discrimination between the rich and the poor, high or low. He was also one of the greatest administrators of medieval Indian.

How did king Dutugemunu died?

The campaign reached a climax at the eastern gate of Anuradhapura, where Dutugemunu, riding Kandhula, finally confronted the aged usurped king Elara, on his own elephant Mahäpabbata, and slew him with a spear; the encounter is one of the most famous in Sri Lankan history.

Who is the father of king Kawanthissa?

In chapter 15 Kavantissa, or Kakavannatissa is the son of a king named Gothabhaya and father of king Abhaya better known as Dutthagamini, correctly spelled as Dutugemunu.

Who is the longest king of Sri Lanka?

King Pandukabaya
King Pandukabaya He ruled the country for 70 years, which is the longest period, a king ever reigned in Sri Lanka.

Who ruled first in Sri Lanka?

The first Sri Lankan ruler of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, Pandukabhaya, is recorded for the 4th century BCE. Buddhism was introduced in the 3rd century BCE by Arhath Mahinda (son of the Indian emperor Ashoka).

What is Manu needhi?

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Who is known as King of justice in Nepal?

The current Chief Justice is Cholendra Shumsher Rana, who took over the role on 2 January 2019.

Who is known as King of justice in Mughal Empire?

The correct answer is Jahangir. The Bell of Justice was installed by Jahangir. Ruled between 1605-1627.