Who left KVOA?

Who left KVOA?

Tom McNamara
Tom McNamara has announced he is leaving Tucson NBC affiliate KVOA after his contract expires in December to go into real estate.

Where did Angelique Lizarde go?

Angelique Lizarde is happy to be back in Southern Arizona! Angelique is an award-winning broadcast journalist with years of experience. For five years, Angelique anchored the evening newscasts and reported for News 4 Tucson. She was also very involved in the community.

Why did Lizarde leave KVOA?

Angelique Lizarde kvoa is leaving Lizarde bids farewell to News 4 Tucson to pursue her dreams and goals elsewhere. Angelique is a true professional and has had a huge impact on this community and our lives.

Why is John Overall leaving Kvoa?

Overall would only say he’s leaving for “personal reasons” with “no hard feelings on either side.” His plan is to return to Southern California where his family lives but beyond that he says he doesn’t have another job lined up. His last day at KVOA will be Dec. 26. “I like it here, I like the people.

Is John Overall leaving Kvoa?

SIGNING OFF: Our own John Overall KVOA will retire from television news this week. After more than 30 years in the business, he will say farewell to viewers on his final newscast Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

Is Shea Sorenson married?

After seven years, we are engaged and living back in Tucson! We are forever thankful to the University of Arizona and the pup, of course, for bringing us together.

What happened to Martha Vazquez?

Vazquez is now back in the Tucson area, and she wants to open a hyno-therapy franchise, which helped her recover. “We all make mistakes – one bad chapter does not end the story,” she said.

Is Chorus Nylander married?

He was named Florida’s top Feature (light) Reporter of 2019 by the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists. In his spare time, Chorus likes taking road trips off the beaten path to hidden gems across the country with his wife Rebekah and puppy, Sport.

Is Destiny Quinn married?

Destiny is married to Roelf and has two fur babies, Charlie and Hazel. She loves spending time with family, trying new things, and traveling.

Where did John Overall go?

He’ll be on air as a reporter this week and start anchoring Saturday. When he’s not anchoring, Overall will be a general assignment reporter for the station. Overall moved to Tucson, he says, because he tired of the grueling hours of a morning anchor. His wife and two sons, ages 8 and 10, still live in Chandler.

Is John Overall ill?

Is Overall dead or alive? John is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Who are KVOA’s Tom McNamara and Martha Vazquez?

Anchors Tom McNamara, left, and Martha Vazquez deliver the 5 o’clock news at KVOA studios in Tucson in 2007. KVOA anchors Tom McNamara and Martha Vazquez at KVOA studios in Tucson in July 1997.

Why are three KVOA News anchors leaving the industry?

And two of them left because of contract disputes. KOLD news anchor Scott Kilbury’s next stop is upstate New York, KVOA sports director Ryan Recker has taken a job in Pittsburgh, and KVOA reporter Lorraine Rivera is leaving the industry to spend time with her family.

What happened to anchor Kilbury on Kold?

Anchor Kilbury, 46, had been with KOLD since 2001. He had been been working without a contract since August, when he declined to sign an extension while negotiating for higher pay. He said KOLD pulled its offer and told him he could stay until he found a new job.