Who made the original Vise-Grip?

Who made the original Vise-Grip?

William Petersen
William Petersen was a Danish immigrant who invented the first locking pliers in his blacksmith shop, and began selling them from the trunk of his car to farmers and people in surrounding towns. He patented his new idea and called it Vise-Grip.

What are Vise-Grips actually called?

Locking pliers (also called Vise-Grips, a vice grip, or a Mole wrench) are pliers that can be locked into position, using an “over-center” cam action.

How old are vice grips?

In 1934, the Petersen Manufacturing Company was formed, but it wasn’t until 1938 that they opened their first official manufacturing plant in a defunct drug store in “downtown” Dewitt. That first plant had a staff of 37.

Are vice grips still made in the USA?

Vice-grips the brand is no longer manufactured in America, production stopped in 2008 and was moved to China. Interestingly though, in 2018 a small tool company called Malco bought the original vice-grips factory in DeWitt, Nebraska, and has employed some of the original workers.

Does Irwin own Hanson?

IRWIN TOOLS’ brand portfolio features user-preferred category leaders such as IRWIN®, Vise-Grip®, Marathon®, Quick-Grip®, Speedbor®, Strait-Line®, Marples®, Unibit®, and Hanson®.

Where is Irwin Hanson made?

In 2003, the company officially changed its name to Irwin Industrial Tool Company. In 2008, Irwin announced the closing of its DeWitt, Nebraska plant, ending 80 years of American production for Vise-Grips, citing a necessity to move production to China “to keep the Vise-Grip name competitive.”

What is the difference between a vice grip and a wrench?

Like: a vise grip uses the principle of the lever and the principle of wedging and the pipe wrench uses the principle of a squashing rhombus, with sharp bitey teeth and levering and wedging to grab a pipe in one direction and release in the other.

Who bought vice grips?

6 – Vise-Grip Petersen originally sold the pliers from the trunk of his car, but later formed a company and began manufacturing Vise-Grips in DeWitt in 1938. The company was acquired by Irwin Tools in 1993.

How much does a vice grip cost?

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What metal are Vise-Grips made?

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