Who modifies Nerf guns?

Who modifies Nerf guns?

I spoke with Brian Johnson of Johnson Arms about the process of modding Nerf guns and how he’s turned this hobby into a successful side business. Brian is a banker by day, and started modifying toy guns back in the 80s (when it was popular to spray black paint over orange safety tips of fake guns).

What is a simple Nerf gun barrel replacement?

The barrel replacement is an essential modification and is the most common Nerf modification performed on Nerf guns. Performing a “simple barrel replacement,” referred to on Nerf websites as a “singled” gun, is when the new barrel is simply glued in place of the old, stock one.

How hard is it to mod a Nerf gun?

However, modding a Nerf gun isn’t very hard–It simply takes knowledge of how a Nerf gun works and how a mod should be executed. With this knowledge, modifying Nerf guns is quite simple.

Are there different types of Nerf spring guns?

There are many Nerf spring guns. Although each spring gun is unique, these guns typically operate using the same mechanisms. The Nerf Nitefinder is a spring pistol that best exemplifies the typical Nerf spring gun. In Picture 1, a stock (unmodified) Nerf Nitefinder can be seen.