Who originally sang Last Dance?

Who originally sang Last Dance?

Last Dance (Donna Summer song)

“Last Dance”
Label Casablanca
Songwriter(s) Paul Jabara
Producer(s) Paul Jabara Giorgio Moroder Bob Esty
Donna Summer singles chronology

What movie was the song Last Dance from?

Thank God It’s FridayThank God It’s Friday / Soundtrack

When did the song Last Dance come out?

1978Last Dance / Released

What movie did the song Last Dance win an Oscar for?

Thank God It’s Friday
In 1979, “Last Dance” performed by Donna Summer, from the film “Thank God It’s Friday,” won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Is Donna Summer still living?

May 17, 2012Donna Summer / Date of death

Whats the story behind Save the Last Dance for Me?

Written by Doc Pomus, “Save the Last Dance for Me” was – according to his friend and onetime collaborator Lou Reed – penned by Pomus on his wedding day, inspired by the fact that he was in a wheelchair and watching his new bride dancing with their guests.

When Did Last Dance win an Oscar?

The unpretentious 1978 disco comedy musical is chiefly notable for the Paul Jabara-written song “Last Dance” – one of Summer’s biggest hits – which earned the Best Original Song Academy Award.

Did Donna Summers win an Oscar?

Donna Summer dead at 63: Sang Best Original Song Oscar winner ‘Last Dance’ Singer Donna Summer, who died of cancer at age 63 earlier today, was featured in only one movie: Robert Klane’s Thank God It’s Friday.

Did Donna Summer write her own songs?

Songwriting Tips, News & More However, Donna Summer has been given credit as a powerful vocalist, has not been given much credit as a songwriter. She has co-written eight of her top 10 hit songs, co-writing a total of 12 Billboard Hot 100 Hit Singles.

Is Derek in Save the Last Dance 2?

Save the Last Dance 2 Review while of course still indulging her passion for hip-hop dancing. She’s broken up with Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas in the original) and is now courting a stand-in professor at Julliard (Columbus Short).