Who owns American School of Doha?

Who owns American School of Doha?

Joseph Ghougassian
American School of Doha

The American School of Doha
Established 1988
Founder Joseph Ghougassian
Campus Director Mr. Stephen M. Razidlo
Grades Pre K–12

What is the most famous school in Qatar?

List of Top Schools in Qatar 2022 Ranking

  • Bhavans Public School, New Salata, Doha.
  • Noble International School, Doha.
  • Qatar Leadership Academy, Al Khor.
  • Al Khor International School, Al Khor.
  • Pearl School, Al Thumama, Doha.
  • Rajagiri Public School, Doha.
  • Qatar Academy Doha, Ar Rayyan.
  • Bhavans Public School Doha, Al Wakrah.

How much is American School of Doha?

Electronic Transfer of Funds (USD 137.00 per application); Once completed, a copy of the bank receipt must be sent to [email protected] in order to verify that payment has been made….Tuition Fees.

Grade Cost/Semester Cost/Year
Grade 1-5 QR 28,765 QR 57,530
Grade 6-8 QR 37,408 QR 74,816
Grade 9-12 QR 37,408 QR 74,816

Is ASD a private school?

The American School of Doha (ASD) is an independent, coeducational, nonprofit day school, which offers an educational program for children of all nationalities from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The school is licensed by the Qatari Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Office of Private Schools.

How big is American School of Doha?

2,250 students
ASD Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 enrollment reaches 2,250 students. The American School of Doha celebrates 30 years of trusted community excellence.

How many American schools are in Qatar?

Six American Universities have branch campuses in Qatar’s Education City complex only.

Where does Qatar rank in education?

According to the report, Qatar ranked fourth internationally and first in the Arab region in the quality of education, followed by the UAE in the second place in the Arab region and tenth in the world, followed by Lebanon that ranked third in the Arab region and 25th internationally.

Are schools good in Qatar?

Qatar is a high income economy, backed by the world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves. When it comes to education, private schools attract most expat children, and Qatar offers great academic facilities and value for money.

How many universities are in Qatar?

The number of universities in Qatar amounted to 32 in 2020 compared with 16 in 2014. Over 39,000 students have been registered in these universities during the 2019-2020 academic year.

How much is international school in Qatar?

Qatar School Fees by Grade (2022)

Name FS1 G5/Y6
Al Hekma International School Qatar 1,354 2,187
Al Jazeera Academy 30,050 39,550
Al Maha Academy 27,450 40,500
Al Mahd International School 16,400 26,100

Is education in Qatar good?

Doha, Qatar: Qatar has this year retained its fourth position among 142 countries around the world in the quality of the education system, according to the latest Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13 issued by the World Economic Forum.

Is college free in Qatar?

Qatari nationals can attend Qatar University, the nation’s only public university, for free. But it also makes Qatar the most expensive country in the Arab world for private higher education. Tuition and fees for the academic year 2014-2015 in some education city campuses can be more than $50,000 annually.

When did the American School of Doha open?

In 1988, the American School of Doha (ASD) originally named the American International School (AIS), opens its doors to Grades 1 through 5 in a small villa in Doha. In 1990, AIS moves out of the small villa and into a new purpose-built campus, offering classes up to Grade 8.

Who is the new director of the American School of Doha?

The American School of Doha begins the re-accreditation process for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Steve Razidlo becomes the new Director of ASD.

Why ASD Doha?

ASD was established in 1988 by the U.S. Embassy and prominent members of the Qatari community to meet the growing needs of students in Doha, and more than 25 years later, ASD has become one of the premier American international schools in the world.