Who owns Calyx?

Who owns Calyx?

Doug Chang
“On behalf of everyone at Calyx, I want to thank Dennis for his numerous contributions, which helped our company grow from a small startup to a leading mortgage technology provider,” said Doug Chang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Calyx Software.

What is Calyx Point used for?

Calyx Point is a cloud-based loan servicing software designed to help businesses streamline the entire loan origination process, from managing mortgage underwriting to preparing documentation. It allows professionals to create templates for standardizing loan programs, borrower files, closing costs, and more.

Who uses Calyx Point?

Calyx Point is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue….Who uses Calyx Point?

Company USAA
Revenue 0M-1M
Company Size 10-50
Company Blackfriars Group
Website blackfriarsgroup.com

How much is Calyx Point cost?

Compare Calyx Point Pricing Against Competitors

Product name Starting price ($) Billed
Calyx Point
Floify 49 per month
LendingPad 40 per month

What is the current version of Calyx Point?

Point 10.5
Point does not support Office 365 Cloud applications. Calyx supports the two prior versions in addition to supporting the latest version of Point (such as: Calyx supports 10.3 Service Pack 2 and 10.3 Service Pack 1 if the latest version is Point 10.5).

Does Calyx Point have a CRM?

Platform integrations: Calyx Point integrates with Jungo CRM, CoreLogic, DocuTech, Optimal Blue, and many more.

What is ZipForHome?

ZipForHome Interview App. To initiate your loan Pre-Approval, The Mortgage Company, Inc. offers, ZipForHome, a dynamic, online app accessible by smartphone, tablet or laptop. This app allows you to complete a fast, and secure, loan interview. This information will provide an overview of your Home Purchase objectives.

What is Calyx company?

As an independent and agile company, Calyx is investing in innovative technology, serving new markets, and delivering more value to help the global bio-pharmaceutical industry bring much-needed treatments to patients, faster. OUR MISSIONOUR SOLUTIONS.

What does the name calyx mean?

SHARE. Of Latin origin, this name can mean “chalice,” or can refer to the cup-shaped structure of sepals on a flower.

How do I import a 3.4 file into calyx?

You can import 3.2 and 3.4 files in the same area that you would do your record imports. Navigate to Settings > Import. Once there, choose the record to import to (Leads, Prospects, Borrowers, Referral Partners, Associates) and then drop that file into the “Drop Files to Upload” area.

How do you pull credit on calyx Point?

Please log into the CIS website, enter your CIS credentials & register your IP address. AFTER authenticating, return to Calyx Point to request credit. The credit report will appear after you make your selections. From the bottom right, select Print or use the Print option to save as pdf.