Who owns Old Works Golf Course?

Who owns Old Works Golf Course?

Atlantic Richfield
Atlantic Richfield built Old Works Golf Course in the 1990s as a solution to some of Anaconda’s Superfund woes.

Who designed Old Works Golf Course?

Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus Design Considered by many the best player of all time and one of the world’s leading course designers, his firm Nicklaus Design has over 310 courses opened to date.

How many golf courses are in Montana?

63 golf courses
In Montana there are 63 golf courses. The best golf course in Montana is Old Works Golf Course and the most visited golf club in Montana is Buffalo Hill Golf Club.

What golf course has black sand traps?

Old Works
After being declared a government Super Fund site in 1983, extensive work was put forward to clean up the site and develop a world class golf course designed by golfing legend and icon Jack Nicklaus. The most unique feature about Old Works is the black sand bunkers featured extensively throughout the course.

What county is Anaconda?

Anaconda-Deer Lodge county
Anaconda, city, seat (since 1977) of Anaconda-Deer Lodge county, southwestern Montana, U.S., 23 miles (37 km) northwest of Butte. Laid out in 1883 as Copperopolis by Marcus Daly, founder of Montana’s copper industry, the settlement was the seat of Deer Lodge county.

Does Montana have golf courses?

Best Montana golf courses (2020/2021) Though Montana’s rocky conditions made for a tough build, the result is wide fairways that flow over the tumbling land with a grace and ease that is hard to fathom.

How many public golf courses are there in Montana?

A convenient listing of Golf Courses in Montana with links to golf course websites, golf green fees, directions to golf courses, online golf booking, and current golf course promotions. 41 golf courses found.

Where is the bunker in golf?

A bunker is a depression near the green or fairway that is usually filled with sand. It is difficult to hit the ball out of the bunker and to enter it is therefore considered punitive to a golfer who misses the target with the previous shot.

Why are there sand traps in golf?

Sand bunkers provide a psychological landmark. They accentuate the hole and provide targets for directing the golfer to a defined landing area whether it is the fairway or green. Sand bunkers provide safety buffers for adjacent fairways, tees or greens, both physically and visually.

What is Anaconda Montana famous for?

Anaconda Smoke Stack, Anaconda, Mont. Copper smelting and the manufacture of phosphate products remained the city’s economic mainstay until 1980, when Atlantic Richfield Company, the owner of the Anaconda Company, permanently closed the copper smelter, putting some 25 percent of Anaconda’s workforce out of work.

Is Anaconda Montana nice?

It’s a quaint little town and the people are very friendly. It has most everything that we need for shopping and it’s beautiful. It has a small town feel and it seems safe. We enjoy walking on the trails in the town, especially the one above the golf course.

Where is Yellowstone Club?

Yellowstone Golf Club in Big Sky, Montana, USA | GolfPass.