Who owns Shongweni Dam?

Who owns Shongweni Dam?

Zwelibomvu Community Trust
Shongweni Nature reserve is an non profit company and the operating company for the community trust called the Zwelibomvu Community Trust. The Trust comprises of the 150 families who were removed from the area by government when they built the dam to supply Durban it’s potable water.

Are dogs allowed at Shongweni Dam?

Any person who enters Shongweni Nature Reserve must display or be in possession of proof of entry. No person may allow any dog, cat or any other pet belonging to or under the care of that person to enter into Shongweni Nature Reserve.

What area is Shongweni?

Shongweni is a beautiful lush green country area, known as Durban’s equestrian region. Made up of a range of homes, from smallholdings to duplex-style homes and even environmentally friendly housing in a new eco-estate.

Where is Shongweni Dam located?

Completed in 1927 after 5 years of construction, Shongweni Dam just outside of Hillcrest (some 30-odd km’s from Durban) consists of not only the dam itself, but 17 thousand hectares of nature reserve as well.

Is midmar dam open?

WhereMidmar Dam, Near Howick, Natal Midlands, KwaZulu Natal. WhenThe gate is open 24 hours a day to residents. The office is open from 08h00 to 16h00.

Can you swim in Midmar Dam?

The Midmar Mile, KwaZulu-Natal. The Midmar Mile offers swimmers of all ages and abilities an opportunity to be part of the biggest open-water swim in the world, by completing a distance from one side of this KwaZulu-Natal dam to the other.

Can you swim at Midmar Dam?

Day visitors to the Midmar Dam will find shady picnic spots along the shoreline of the dam and braai (barbecue) facilities that make picnicking here such a pleasure. Water sports abound, swimming is fun for everyone, although sticking to the shoreline is probably a good idea with all of the boat activity.

Can you braai at Midmar Dam?

Day visitors to the Midmar Dam will find shady picnic spots along the shoreline of the dam and braai (barbecue) facilities that make picnicking here such a pleasure. Midmar offers a wide variety of activities including game viewing, water sports, angling and cycling.

What fish are in Midmar Dam?

Midmar offers excellent bass and carp fishing throughout the year within various designated areas around the region’s largest body of water. Other species that can be landed include scalies and bluegill – so stay a few nights and see how many big ones you can bag.

Is midmar dam pet friendly?

See details of activities that can be enjoyed within the Midmar Dam Nature Reserve. – All essential supplies are available from Howick. – Fuel is available 2 km from the main gate. – No pets of any kind are permitted in the reserve.

How deep is the Midmar Dam?

Midmar Dam is a combined gravity & earth-fill type dam and recreation area located near Howick and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa….

Midmar Dam
Height 30 metres (98 ft)
Length 1,423 metres (4,669 ft)
Creates Midmar Dam Reservoir

Are carp good for dams?

Carp can move into farm dams during high flow or flood events, or may even be carried as eggs on the feet of waterbirds. There are limited options available for farmers or landholders to control carp. There is currently no chemical registered for this use.

Why visit the Shongweni dam and nature reserve?

The Shongweni dam and nature reserve is classically beautiful. Get there early enough – the reserve lies only forty minutes’ from Durban – add a little early morning mist to the equation, and the side of the dam, mountains in the background, simply validate the reason that this reserve is a national heritage site. Did you know?

What is the phone number for the Shongweni nature reserve?

Shongweni is a private Nature Reserve. Should you wish to enquiry about our loyalty cards kindly address your request to 078 039 9881. Consumption of alcohol on the premises is NOT ALLOWED. Reservations and inquiries are to be sent to [email protected] and/or to +27 78 039 9881 (calls & whatsapp).

How hard is the climb to the top of Shongweni Hill?

The Climb (hike to the top of Shongweni Hill + soft drink. Degree of difficulty: medium) day visitors have access to the disignated picnic area.

Is the dam and game reserve worth a visit?

It was great to visit the dam and game reserve. I did the abseiling over the dam with Spirit of Adventures. These guys are so helpful and professional. We also did a hiking trail called love bench and the nature there is simply amazing.