Who owns the Benson Ford Ship House?

Who owns the Benson Ford Ship House?

The owner at the time, Frank Sullivan, decided after this that he would sell the boat to the current owners, Jerry and Bryan Kasper. This massive 7,000 square foot summer home is fully equipped with a full kitchen, dining room, family room, five bedrooms, five full baths, a garage, and a pilot house.

Where is the Benson Ford located?

Put-in-Bay island
The Benson Ford Shiphouse sits upon a cliff at Put-in-Bay island in Ohio overlooking the beautiful waters of Lake Erie and the Lake Erie Islands. This unique home was once the forecastle of a cargo ship created for the Ford Motor Company in 1924.

What happened to the Benson Ford ship?

While she was the pride of the ford fleet, the Benson Ford seemingly was not faultless. On June 12, 1959, the ship ran aground in the Amherstburg Channel, near the Canadian mainland, and then a second time on August 16, 1959, in the St. Mary’s River between Canada and Michigan.

How much did the Benson Ford ship sell for?

The circa-1924 flagship of Ford Motor Co., which sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie, is for sale. Asking price – $2.5 million.

When was the Benson Ford ship built?

Constructed in 1924, the Benson Ford spent its seafaring days as a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company, hauling coal and iron ore across the Great Lakes, and upon its retirement in 1981, was left to rust for four years before the front half was removed, sailed to a small island in western Lake Erie, perched on a …

Did Edsel Ford take over Ford?

Henry Ford resigned as president of Ford Motor Company in 1918, amid a clash with the other stockholders over global expansion. Edsel was elected president in January of 1919, and he began negotiations for the purchase of all shares of minority stock in the Company.

Does Martha Ford own Ford?

Martha Parke Firestone Ford (born September 16, 1925) is an American businesswoman and former principal owner and chairperson of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL)….

Martha Firestone Ford
Alma mater Vassar College (BA)
Years active 2014–2020
Known for Former owner and chairwoman of the Detroit Lions

Is the any Ford family still alive?

Currently there are two descendants of the founder on the board, Mr. Ford and his 72-year-old cousin, Edsel Ford II, who will retire from the board this spring, the company said.

Is Firestone owned by Ford?

Firestone’s granddaughter, Martha Parke Firestone, married Ford’s grandson, William Clay Ford Sr., in 1948. Their son, William Clay Ford Jr., a Princeton graduate and a great-grandson of Henry Ford, is currently chairman of Ford Motor Co. However, more than 80 years ago, Ford and Firestone, along with Thomas A.

Who currently owns Ford?

Clay Ford Jr.
William “Bill” Clay Ford Jr. is the great grandson of Henry Ford himself, and currently holds the position of Executive Chairman at Ford Motor Co. As of March 2018, Bill owns 6.8 million shares of common Ford Motor Co. stock.

Is Harrison Ford part of the Ford family?

Facts — Actor Harrison Ford is the grandson of Henry Ford,…

Did a Ford marry a Firestone?

Martha Parke Firestone Ford (born September 16, 1925) is an American businesswoman and former principal owner and chairperson of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL)….

Martha Firestone Ford
Spouse(s) William Clay Ford Sr. ​ ​ ( m. 1947; died 2014)​

What is the Benson Ford ship house?

The Benson Ford Ship House is located in Put-in-Bay, Ohio on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. This unique home is a magnificent four-story vacation home owned by Bryan Kasper and family. The Ship House was once the forecastle of a huge cargo ship created for Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company, hauling iron ore around the Great Lakes.

What is a Benson Ford (I)?

Built in 1924 for use by the Ford Motor Company, the Benson Ford (I) was original utilized to transport iron ore and related materials across the Great Lakes by the growing auto company.

Who built the Benson Ford boat?

High upon a promontory on South Bass Island in Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, sits the Owners and Captains Quarters of the former Great Lakes Shipping Boat, The Benson Ford. The boat was built by Henry Ford and named after his grandson many years ago.

What makes Benson Ford a great vacation home?

The Benson Ford offers visitors the majestic atmosphere of an old-world shipping vessel with the convenience of modern amenities. Original black walnut wood and brass fittings place this luxurious vacation home into a category all its own. Towering over the rocky cliffs of the island and jutting out into the lake, it’s a marvel to be viewed.