Who owns the Wiltern?

Who owns the Wiltern?

developer Wayne Ratkovich
In 1981, the Wiltern was purchased by developer Wayne Ratkovich, who worked with architect Brenda Levin to restore both the theater and the office building to their former glory.

Why is it called the Wiltern?

And three years later, after a temporary closure due to slow business, the theater reopened with a new name that honored the crossroads: the Wil-Tern (now simply “Wiltern”), a portmanteau of Wilshire and Western.

How old is the Wiltern theater?

91The Wiltern / Age (c. 1931)

Who has performed at the Wiltern?

The Wiltern has had 953 concerts

Date Concert
May 20, 2022 – May 21, 2022 Human. :II: Nature. World Tour Upcoming Nightwish
Feb 18, 2022 Atonement Tour Upcoming Killswith Engage / August Burns Red / Light the Torch
Jan 29, 2022 There and Back Again Tour
Dec 17, 2021 Thievery Corporation

What is the capacity of the Hollywood Palladium?

4,000Hollywood Palladium / Capacity

How many seats does the Greek theatre have?

5,900The Greek Theatre / Capacity

How many does the Wiltern seat?

1,850The Wiltern / Capacity

The 1,850 seat, the landmark at the corner of Western Avenu and Western Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard offers something for everyone . The Wiltern in Los Angeles is one of the oldest and most glamorous venues to experience a live event.

How big is the Wiltern?

Featuring nearly 18,000 square feet of flexible design space, including an 11,000 square-foot majestic theatre, the historic Wiltern Theatre is not only an icon of Los Angeles entertainment glamour, but also one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the United States.

Does the Palladium have coat check?

Unfortunately, we do not have a coat check. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We suggest that you hold on to all of your personal belongings that you bring inside.

Who owns the Hollywood Palladium?

Live Nation
Hollywood Palladium

Owner Palladium Investors Ltd.
Operator Live Nation
Type Concert Hall
Genre(s) Big Band, Rock and Roll, Pop Music

Why did Greek performers wear masks?

Masks served several important purposes in Ancient Greek theater: their exaggerated expressions helped define the characters the actors were playing; they allowed actors to play more than one role (or gender); they helped audience members in the distant seats see and, by projecting sound somewhat like a small megaphone …

Can you bring alcohol into the Greek Theater?

No alcohol or any illegal substances may be brought into the venue. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by persons 21 years of age or older with legal identification. Sales terminate at any time at the sole discretion of management. Only service animals are permitted at the Greek Theatre.

What is the Wilshire Ebell Theatre?

One of the oldest live performance venues in Los Angeles, the Wilshire Ebell Theatre has a proud history of welcoming artists from around the world for nearly 100 years.

Where is the Wiltern Theater located?

The Wiltern is located at the busy Southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. California. The theater has a capacity of between 1200 to 4000 seats depending on the show and seating allocation. In the last ten years the Wiltern also known as the Wiltern Theater and Wiltern center has been refurbished to accommodate larger…

What is the history of the western theatre?

Warner’s Western Theatre was opened on November 7, 1931 with George Arliss in “Alexander Hamilton” and was operated by Warner Bros. who took out a 50 years lease on the new theatre.

What happened to the Wiltern Theatre in Chicago?

In 1956 the entire building was sold to the Franklin Life Insurance Company of Springfield, IL and in 1968 the Wiltern Theatre was leased to Pacific Theatres chain who ran it until 1979 when it was closed as a movie theatre, by then running mainly Kung-Fu movies.