Who played Annie on Broadway 2013?

Who played Annie on Broadway 2013?

Taylor Richardson starred as Annie on Broadway in 2013. Amanda Balon played Annie during the 30th anniversary tour.

Did the musical Annie win any Tony Awards?

The original production of Annie opened April 21, 1977 at the Alvin Theatre and went on to win the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, seven Drama Desk Awards including Best Musical, the Grammy for Best Cast Show Album and seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score.

Who played Annie in the musical?

Lilla Crawford
Notable casts

Character Original Broadway 1977 Second Broadway Revival 2012
Annie Bennett Andrea McArdle Lilla Crawford
Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks Reid Shelton Anthony Warlow
Miss Agatha Hannigan Dorothy Loudon Katie Finneran
Grace Farrell Sandy Faison Brynn O’Malley

Who played original Annie on Broadway?

Andrea McArdle
The role of Annie was originated on Broadway in 1977 by Andrea McArdle and played by former vlogger Lilla Crawford in the most recent Broadway revival. On screen, the role has previously been played by Aileen Quinn in 1982, Alicia Morton on television in 1999 and Quvenzhané Wallis in 2014.

How many actresses played Annie on Broadway?

Broadway Annies Five actresses played the part of Annie during the six-year run of the original Broadway show from 1977 to 1983 that won seven Tony Awards. The Broadway Annies were in this order: Andrea McArdle, Shelley Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Smith and Alyson Kirk.

Who plays Annie in the new Annie?

Celina Smith
Celina Smith, The New Annie In Annie Live!, Once Dominated The Stage In The Lion King. The 12-year-old triple threat had music, movie, and TV experience before landing the iconic role. NBC’s latest televised musical Annie Live! will give a fresh take on the 45-year-old musical when it airs live on Dec. 2.

Was the original Annie in Annie live?

Andrea McArdle, Broadway’s original Annie, has departed the upcoming television special Annie Live! due to her father’s illness, Deadline reports. McArdle, who earned a Tony nomination for her role as Annie in the original 1977 Broadway production, was set to appear in the newly created role of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Was Annie a true story?

Annie the musical is based on Harold Gray’s comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” which itself was based on an 1885 poem originally titled “The Elf Child.” At the poem’s third printing, poet James Whitcomb Riley decided to change its title to “Little Orphan Allie” to memorialize the real-life orphan that served as …

What is the musical an Annie?

Annie is a musical based on the comic of Little Orphan Annie by American cartoonist Harold Gray . The music was composed by Charles Strouse , and the lyrics were written by Martin Charnin.

What is the 20th anniversary of Annie on Broadway?

A 20th anniversary Broadway revival, which played at the Martin Beck Theatre (now called the Al Hirschfeld Theatre) in 1997, entitled Annie, the 20th Anniversary, starred Nell Carter as Miss Hannigan, but controversy surrounded the casting of the titular character.

When did Annie come out in Chicago?

It played in Miami from April 12 to May 13, 1978 then continued for a few more cities until it landed in Chicago where it played for 32 weeks. In April 1979, it continued on the road in with Mary K. Lombardi now in the lead as Annie. In the fall of 1980, Theda Stemler took over the part and was replaced in Boston when she grew too old.

Who played Annie in the 80s?

On May 15, 1981, Louanne Sirota, who had played Annie in the long-running Los Angeles production (see below), took over the role for four months. In August 1981, Becky Snyder became the company’s last Annie, closing the tour on September 6, 1981.