Who played Zoe on MacGyver?

Who played Zoe on MacGyver?

Zoe Kimura (portrayed by Amy Okuda): MacGyver falls in love with her, she and 31 other students get trapped in a room filled with water and sadly drowns.

Who played Kelly on MacGyver?

Kay Lenz
“MacGyver” Last Stand (TV Episode 1985) – Kay Lenz as Kelly Nielson – IMDb.

Who does MacGyver work for?

Phoenix Foundation
MacGyver works for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles, which in the original series was an independent think tank, and in the 2016 reboot is a clandestine government organization using the cover of a think tank.

Who played Mike on MacGyver?

Patricia McPherson
“MacGyver” Jack of Lies (TV Episode 1986) – Patricia McPherson as Michelle ‘Mike’ Forester – IMDb.

Who is the new girl on MacGyver?

Actress Alexandra Grey, who was recently seen on the festival circuit in the indie drama Gossamer Folds, is set to recur on CBS’s MacGyver.

Does MacGyver have a girlfriend?

Nasha is the Angus MacGyver’s Ex girlfriend and school teacher. She lives in Nigeria, Africa….

Current Location: Nigeria, Africa
Interests: Angus MacGyver(Ex)
Physical Description
Status: Alive

Who is Richard Dean Anderson married to?

Richard Dean Anderson
Partner(s) Apryl A. Prose (1996–2003)
Children 1
Awards Full list
Website rdanderson.com

Do Desi and MacGyver get together?

As a result, the series ends with Mac and Desi still together, Mac and Riley still exchanging meaningful glances and the ones having deeply personal conversations, and fans left to decide for themselves what happened next?

Who is the new black actress on MacGyver?

Alexandra Grey

Alexandra Grey
Born January 4, 1991 (age 31) Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Education Crete-Monee High School
Alma mater California State University, Northridge
Occupation Actress, singer

Are the tattoos on the girl on MacGyver real?

Desi’s tattoos on ‘MacGyver’ are all real. Levy, the actress cast in Desi’s role on MacGyver, had her first tattoo done aged 18 — and she got hooked immediately. She opened up about the meaning behind her tattoos in the interview accompanying her cover shoot for Tattoo Life International.

Does Riley have feelings for MacGyver?

As Season 4 progresses we see that Riley has developed romantic feelings for Mac, but it is unclear if they are reciprocated.

Where is Richard Dean Anderson now?

Now settled in Malibu, he helped design and build his own house – which featured in Architectural Digest – and is a single dad to his 16-year-old daughter Wylie Anderson.