Who qualifies for a Platinum Card?

Who qualifies for a Platinum Card?

What does your credit score need to be for the Amex Platinum card? While there is no set score needed, we recommend you have a credit score of at least 720, 2 years of clean credit history, and an income of at least $50,000 per year to apply for the Amex Platinum card.

Can you get into Centurion lounge with Platinum Card?

Yes, all Platinum Cards® and Centurion Members, regardless of country of issue, are eligible to enter The Centurion® Lounge.

What is the Amex Lounge at the U.S. Open?

Located near Court 17, the Amex Patio will be an open-air space for American Express Card Members to relax and recharge, enjoy misting fans and take in the shade in between tennis matches. This experience complements the newly located Card Member Lounge on the 2nd floor of Louis Armstrong Stadium.

What is the spending limit on a Platinum Card?

American Express Platinum card has no pre-set spending limit, which means your limit is flexible, will depend on your monthly spending habits and could change from month to month. The annual fee is $695, and you need good credit or better to get approved.

Is a Platinum card worth it?

Is the Amex Platinum worth it? The American Express Platinum Card, known for its prestigious benefits and sleek appearance, is a card worth bragging about. Between the numerous travel benefits, reputable concierge service and consumer protections, the card is worth considering if you can stomach the steep annual fee.

What is the most elite credit card in the world?

American Express Centurion Card
The American Express Centurion Card is the most exclusive credit card in the world and commonly known as the “Amex Black Card.” Launched in 1999, American Express has kept it in a shroud of uncertainty, giving it a very high level of status in the minds of consumers.

Does Amex Platinum get you into United club?

Does the Amex Platinum get you into United Clubs? The Amex Platinum doesn’t provide access to United Clubs.

Does Amex Platinum get me into Delta Sky Club?

Platinum and Centurion American Express Card Members may enter the club with up to two guests for an additional fee. Guests of Platinum and Centurion American Express Card Members must be traveling on Delta-operated or Delta-marketed flight operated by WestJet (006 ticket number) to access the Club.

What lounges can I get into with Amex Platinum?

What lounges can I access with the Amex Platinum Card?

  • American Express Centurion lounges.
  • Delta Sky Club lounges.
  • Priority Pass Select lounges.
  • Escape Lounges — The Centurion Studio Partner.
  • Airspace lounges.
  • Plaza Premium lounges.
  • Lufthansa lounges.
  • Other Global Lounge Collection partner lounges.

What is the blue thing in ear at U.S. Open?

Most visible is the Amex Band, a flexible blue wristband that lets card members make payments at the event’s many concessions just by tapping their wrists. The bracelet also lets members into a lounge area called the Card Member Club and entitles them to buy exclusive merchandise.

Can I buy a car with a credit card?

While it may be unconventional to the average consumer, there is nothing that legally prevents you from buying a car with a credit card. As long as your credit limit is high enough, you can put down a down payment or even a complete purchase with enough available credit.

What is a platinum golf membership™?

The Platinum Golf Membership ™ includes the very popular Play 4 Rounds and Get the 5th FREE feature. Renewing members always get the best pricing and locals get discounted membership pricing as well. If your not a local golfer you can purchase our Snowbird Golf Membership created for frequent visitors to our golf courses.

Do American Express card members get an offer for US Open?

In addition, American Express Card Members are invited to take advantage of an exclusive Buy One, Get One offer for the below US Open sessions**: Not an American Express Card Member? See all that you can expect when you’re with Amex and find the Card that fits your lifestyle.

What is the US Open Championship?

The United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open, is the annual open national championship of golf in the United States. It is the third of the four major championships in golf, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

What is the purse for the US Open Golf Championship?

As of 2020, the U.S. Open awards a $12.5 million purse, the largest of all four major championships. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.