WHO removed the Vernacular Press Act?

WHO removed the Vernacular Press Act?

Lord Ripon
The act excluded English-language publications. It elicited strong and sustained protests from a wide spectrum of the Indian populace. The law was repealed in 1881 by Lytton’s successor as viceroy, Lord Ripon (governed 1880–84).

Why did British stop Vernacular Press Act?

The act excluded English-language publications as it was meant to control seditious writing in ‘publications in Oriental languages’ everywhere in the country, except for the South. Thus the British totally discriminated against the (non-English language) Indian Press.

Which of the following act was the revision of vernacular act?

The Press Act of 1910 was legislation promulgated in British India imposing strict censorship on all kinds of publications. The measure was brought into effect to curtail the influence of Indian vernacular and English language in promoting support for what was considered radical Indian nationalism.

Who was the last British viceroy?

Lord Mountbatten
Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy.

What was the Vernacular Press Act of 1878 about class 10?

Hint Vernacular Press Act enacted in 1878 in British India was to curtail the freedom of the Indian language press. The act excluded English-language publications. The vernacular Press Act elicited sustained protests from the wide range of Indian population. It was proposed by Lord Lytton, then viceroy of India.

What was the Vernacular Press Act Class 8?

The Vernacular Press Act was an act which allowed the British government to confiscate the assets of newspapers, including their printing presses, if the newspapers published anything found objectionable or against them. It was passed in 1878.

Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act in 1882 what impact did the act have on India?

Lord Ripon repealed the vernacular press act. The Vernacular press act forbade Vernacular papers to publish any material that might excite feelings of dissatisfaction against the British government. The Indian Army Act made it a criminal offence for Indians to carry arms without license.

Was Lord Mountbatten a good viceroy?

In March 1947, Mountbatten became viceroy of India with a mandate to oversee the British withdrawal. He established good relations with leading politicians, particularly with Jawaharlal Nehru, but was unable to persuade the Muslim leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah of the benefits of a united, independent India.

Who was mountbattens wife?

Edwina Mountbatten, Countess Mountbatten of BurmaLouis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma / Wife (m. 1922–1960)

Who passed the Vernacular Press Act in 1878 and why was it passed?

Lord Lytton passed the Vernacular Press Act 1878 that authorised the government to confiscate newspapers that printed ‘seditious material’. He also passed the Arms Act 1878 that prohibited Indians from carrying weapons of any kind without licences. Englishmen were excluded from this act.

Which of the following was the main objective of the Vernacular Press Act of 1878?

Notes: In the year 1878, Vernacular Press act was passed by the governor general Lord Lytton. The main objective of the act was to suppress the newspapers which used to write against the British.

What was Vernacular Press Act class 10th?

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