Who was the biggest person on Supersize vs Superskinny?

Who was the biggest person on Supersize vs Superskinny?

Alayna Marie Morgan (May 21, 1948 – November 7, 2009) was an American woman from Santa Rosa, California, who was renowned as one of the world’s heaviest people, weighing an estimated 700lbs (50 stone) at her peak weight. She was once featured in an episode of Supersize vs Superskinny programmed by Channel 4.

When did Supersize vs Superskinny stop?

The two were taken to a feeding clinic, and lived together for five days (later on two days), swapping diets while supervised by Dr Christian Jessen….

Supersize vs Superskinny
Original release 22 January 2008 – 6 March 2014
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Is Supersize vs Superskinny still running?

The popular eating disorders documentary on Channel 4 is now in its 7th Series! Series 7 also features reports on eating disorders, morbid obesity and extreme eating habits. …

Is Supersize vs Superskinny a documentary?

This documentary follows the lifestyles of two extreme eaters – one very overweight and the other severely underweight. Skinny documentary series broadcasted on Channel 4, while the 4th series is due to be broadcasted later on this year. …

Who hosts Supersize vs Superskinny?

Anna Richardson2008-2009
Gillian McKeith2008-2009
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Who lost the most weight on Supersize vs Superskinny?

A morbidly obese man dubbed ‘The Human Doughnut’ has lost 29 stone with the help of a low calorie diet and counselling. Rob Gillett, 27, hit the headlines in March 2012 when he appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Supersize vs. Superskinny’ weighing 41st 10lbs.

Where was Supersize vs Superskinny filmed?

Southampton General Hospital
Filming for the fifth series of Channel 4’s dieting show has been taking place today at Southampton General Hospital.

What channel is Supersize vs Superskinny on?

Channel 4Supersize vs Superskinny / Network

How does Supersize vs Superskinny work?

Another popular – and thankfully McKeith-free series was Supersize vs. Superskinny, in which an overweight person swapped diet’s with an underweight person. The two are brought to a feeding clinic, and live together for five days (two days in later series), swapping diets all supervised by Dr Christian Jessen.

Who is the host of Supersize vs Superskinny?

How do I apply for Supersize vs Superskinny?

Take Part – Features – Take part in Supersize Vs Superskinny Please email: [email protected] with your name and contact details, plus a recent full length photo and we will send you an application form. Alternatively, call us on our local rate number: 0333 577 7775 (Mobile charges may vary.)

What channel is Supersize vs Superskinny?