Who won Vishu Bumper 2020?

Who won Vishu Bumper 2020?

The search for the winner of the first prize of ₹10 crore of the Kerala Life Vishu Bumper Lottery ended on Tuesday after a construction worker, P.P. Shiju from Thiruvallur village in Vadakara of Kozhikode district, submitted his prize-winning ticket at Canara Bank.

How can I check my Vishu Bumper lottery result?

The participants can check their results on the official website – keralalotteryresults.net. Kerala Lottery Results Today, 22 July 2021: ‘Vishu Bumper 2021’ lottery results. First prize winner to get 10 Crore as winning prize money.

What is the next bumper in Kerala lottery?

The next Bumper lottery to be conducted by the Kerala lottery Department is Summer Bumper BR-84 and the draw date is 20 March this year. The price of one BR-84 lottery ticket is Rs 200.

Who is the winner of Kerala bumper?

Sadanandan Oliparambil
The ticket, bought by Sadanandan Oliparambil, a native of Kudayampadi near here, has won the first prize of ₹12 crore in the Kerala government Christmas-New Year bumper. Mr. Sadanandan had been buying lottery tickets regularly over the past several years and this was for the first time that he hit the jackpot.

Who won the 2021 Vishu Bumper?

worker Shiju
Lucky winner finally identified: Construction worker Shiju wins 10 crore Vishu bumper. KOZHIKODE: A construction worker from Vadakara has been identified as the winner of the Vishu bumper lottery. Vadakara Thiruvallur native Shiju has won the first prize of Rs 10 crores.

Who won Vishu Bumper 2021?

Vadakara: At last,the identity of the lucky winner of Vishu bumper worth Rs 10 crores has come to light. PP Shiju, a construction worker from Thiruvallur bagged the jackpot. The ticket carrying the number LB 430240 which he bought from B K Agency of Vadakara brought fortune to his life.

Who won Kerala Vishu Bumper 2021?

Can I buy Kerala Lottery from Tamil Nadu?

Kerala Lotteries cross the borders illegally and are sold like hot cakes in other states like Tamil Nadu, where lotteries are banned. Take the case of a lottery drawn two days ago. Of the 29,97,300 tickets printed in the state, Palakkad and Thrissur accounted for the sale of 4,30,000 tickets each.

Can I buy Kerala Lottery from Karnataka?

8. Can Kerala Lottery be sold outside of the state? No. No agent shall sell the tickets of the Kerala State Lotteries outside of the state directly or indirectly.

Which is best lottery in Kerala?

Types of weekly Kerala Lotteries

No Lottery First Prize (INR)
4 Akshaya 70,00,000/-
5 Karunya Plus 80,00,000/-
6 Nirmal 70,00,000/-
7 Karunya 80,00,000/-

How can I check my Kerala lottery results?

How to check the ‘Nirmal NR-262’ result?

  1. Visit the official website of Kerala Lotteries, at keralalotteries.com.
  2. Click on the ‘Results’ link on the homepage of the portal.
  3. Then click on the lottery results link.
  4. Check using the lottery number to see the results.

When will the Vishu bumper BR 79 Lottery result be published?

The Vishu bumper br 79 lottery result will be published on 23/05/2021 (23th May, 2021). Prize Structure of Kerala Lottery VISHU BUMPER 2021 Kerala State Vishu Bumper

When is the next Vishu Bumper Draw 2021?

Full Vishu Bumper Result 2021 The 2021 draw is scheduled to take place on 23-05-2021 and you can find the results announced here live during the draw. Full Vishu Bumper Result 2019 This is the full prize breakdown for all prize tiers in the 2019 drawing.

Is Vishu bumper 2020 cancelled in Ernakulam?

Last Vishu bumper draws in 2019 and the first prize amount of Rs.5 crore was given to the winner in the ERNAKULAM district. The draw was led by SG Sharma, the Joint Director of State lotteries. Unfortunately, the Vishu Bumper in 2020 was canceled due to the spread of the Corona Virus.

When is the keraka Vishu bumper Lottery result 2021?

The Vishu Bumper Lottery takes place in the third week of May in Kerala State, India. The Keraka Vishu Bumper result can be found below for 2021 on 23/05/2021, along with results from all previous draws.